Monday, August 21, 2006


Wow...It looks sooo easy to pronounce and read. But people really do know how difficult its living it. I have got hell lot of experiences with it...good and bad, sweet and sour,tough and easy. Here I am not going to list out all of them..or rather most of them...please spare me with this. Well I was just trying to understand how well it could be if I had to peep into it and get make things that are more closer to my heart and then live with them. How could it be if I just read the others mind....Hmm I can say things for long....

Will edit it again... :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

A small poem...

"Whenever I close my eyes to stop staring at this bad world
I see you....only you and nothing else my love
The world with you is so much different and blissful
I knew my prince created this world only for me

Everything over there is soo perfect for me..
The nature in all its glory, the kind of chores,
The attitude of people and above all YOU...just so perfect
After all its a dream I know
But deep inside I believe soon its gonna be true."

Some blue moon day I wrote this....a bit modified later!!!
Could recollect it today!!!!