Wednesday, November 25, 2009

process of untagging myself - part2

Sometime back I wrote a post regarding my childhood memories. I am going to continue writing rest of the stories. They might not be so interesting but I guess for timepass one can just read them :P

4. stories stretched
Being the eldest one in my family, my brother and sister used to listen whatever I said till 5th standard(later they realized how stupid they were :P). We were living for rent in a very big house which had lot of open place with a big neem tree in front of the house. During power cuts and summer, we used to have fultoo masti. We used to have one wired chair in which 3 kids can easily fit... we used to sit in that and my sister used to request me to say one story... the main action now starts... I used to actually start a fairy tale kinda story and never end it... add all fictional characters and say this and that and king and kid and villain and nothing else... I used to give lots of twists and turns and mean while my bro and sis would have long back forgotten the actual context. After some time my brother who would have actually got bored would say STOP PLEASE!!!!! And my mom would shout from inside the house to come and sleep :)
(now i cant even think of creating a cock and bull story)

5. Nail polish and noise
Every year there used to be a mela at our village and my grandpa used to buy me whatever I want. One such time he didnt come and sent grandmom along with me to the mela. I dont remember exactly, but i think my cousins have also accompanied me to have fun. My grandpa gave me Rs.3 to buy something at mela and I didnt spend. I went to a near by shop in my village and got nail polish which has the yuck dark pink color(i hate that color now). I applied nail polish to all my cousins and the next day I took it to my school :)
I think I was in 2nd class at that time, and shown it to my frens during a free period and the smell of nail polish was evident in my class. We girls were making hell lot of noise and that too talking on top of our voices. Next moment one sister(ours was a missionary school...we had only sisters) came to our class and shouted at everyone and caught me red handed with nail polish. She took it with her and made me stand up on the last bench :(
It was so damn embarrassing...She gave me back that nail polish after school hours. That was the last stupid thing I did at school.

6. Greeting cards
Being 3 kids in a family, we used to share pencils,pens and sketch pencils. When I was in 3rd standard, I loved using sketch pencils for whatever things. The habit continued and I learnt how to make good designs with pencil and apply colors with sketch pencils. At that time I got an idea of making hand made greeting cards with those designs and giving it to classmates on their birthdays. My brother and sister always used to ran out of sketch pencils and fight with me. Doesnt matter :) I was selfish enough to keep the best designs with  me and give stupid ones to frens as cards. One day I lost the book in which I kept all those designs. And I stopped making designs. Now I cant even make a good mehandi design for my hand... I wish I had practiced more and enhanced my skills :(

7. Dictation
When I was in 5th class we used to have dictation in different subjects. Those marks used to be added in the mid term results. At that time there was tough competition between me and another girl(Sheela Reddy) in our class. Most of the time she used to beat me in mid term exams. And I used to beat her in the finals :P
One day there was science subject dictation. 20 words were told by the teacher. I was happy that I would get  20/20. But somewhere I had a doubt in one word. That word was RECEIVE, whether the 'e' would follow 'i' or 'i' would follow 'e'. We both girls were discussing and realized that I made a mistake in that word. I wrote 'i' followed by 'e'. She got 20/20 and I got 19/20.
And by god, after that exam and till now I never forgot the spelling of that word. Even now when I write that word, I remember this incident and thats how I remember the spelling of that word :(
hmm... pretty girlish!!!!

8. knocked out with chalk piece
Our school is a typical girls high school with only teachers who are women. No boys are allowed in school. When I was in 10th class we had an exception. We had a male teacher who taught physics. He was 6ft tall and pretty handsome and nothing less than a hero. Most of the girls used to go ga-ga after him at school. His class used to be around 3:10pm and many girls used to eagerly wait for his class(teenage girls you see). He used to hate talking in class and not even whispers were allowed. As I was an average studying girl at school, I used to sit in the last but one bench in class. One day it so happened that one stupid girl in my class had a doubt and she used to sit in front of me.
She turned back and asked me the doubt. The next second a chalk piece hit my head. I was shocked as it was a direct hit. And realized that it was hit by sir for talking. I didnt even open my mouth to clear that girls answer. No words exchanged after that. The most funny part is no one even thinks of talking in his class(obviously most of them were staring at him instead of listening to him). I still remember him as one of the best physics teacher ever!!!
Thats how my school life ended :)

And now my memories also end here!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

damn you!!!

Actually the other day few of my frens(only girls) were talking about marriage and stuff like that...
and then this question came in my mind and I remember reading it in one of the telugu lesson in school days..
All fair complexion guys want fair complexion girls for marriage. Even wheatish and medium complexion guys want fair complexion girls for marriage. Even dark guys want fair complexion girls for marriage. Then who want the dark complexion girls???

Damn you guys!!! I am referring to only those who has such opinions and thoughts.

There is a great director Vishwanath in telugu movies. For one of his movies one man wrote beautiful lyrics for a song.. they are as follows translated in english :
Isn't a brown colored calf not born from a white cow?? And isn't a white calf not born from a brown colored cow?? Why do you think so??
I know those two lines make a lot of sense. And I wish people realize that fact!!!
What if girls started rejecting dark complexion guys?? Where will they go and die??
Anyways sometimes the fact of turning down the girls turned out to be true. Few of my frens told me such incidents. Dont know when the thinking of parents and some of the guys will change??? Will it ever change if they are some of the deep rooted facts implanted into our heads during birth itself???
I hope someday our people  and society change for a better living purpose...

Friday, November 20, 2009

process of untagging myself - part1

Recently I have been tagged by Smita which was started by Vimal.
Let me start it...

1. Locking up myself
               When I was young, I grew up with my grandmom for most of the time. My grandmom tells me now that I used to tie her pallu to my wrist very hard so that I never get separated from her. And one day I went to one marriage with her. At that time I was just 4 years old. When all my relatives were busy in marriage preparations, some kids started playing some games and I joined them. I donno exactly what happened but I got locked myself in a room. I mean I literally put the latch and I couldnt open it for long time. All of my relatives started looking for me and found me locked in a room which I couldnt open. So they used a long stick and put it through the window and managed to pull the latch. Thats how I got out. My grandmom tells this story and laughs for sometime. Even my relatives remember this incident and say that I had created a mess at that time :)
A nice memory for me!!!

2. Hiding out from home
               My brother and myself studied in the same class from UKG to 10th class. Only difference was that he studied in a boys high school and I studied in a girls high school. It was in 2nd class that my brother took a group photo with his classmates and teacher. My brother was kinda looking very cute in that picture sitting beside his teacher. I took that snap to my school to show to my frens and I lost it. I was really scared to go home and tell mom that thing. I searched all my books and bag hundreds of times only to not find it in my bag. So I went to most of my frens house to find out if my mistake the picture was with them... but alas!!! my bad luck... i didnt find out... i was crying and I sat under a tree back in my school again. Aaya's(working ladies) at my school were trying to find out what happened with me. I didnt open my mouth. I finally decided to search my bag once again. Hurrey!!!! I found it... It was right in my bag...
I jumped with joy for a while....and happily went home. That photo is still at my home. I laugh at the incident sometimes for my silliness. Even now my mom doesn't know about this incident.

3. Fun with frens at my village
          Let me tell you guys, I was the most active and restless kid when I was young. Never used to stay at house for a minute. Always I used to freak out with friends and one incident turned out to be horrible. Let me explain... For some festival, our family went to my village. My dad was not at home. I am really really afraid of my father in those days and if he is at home, I am the most silent kid :P else i am the queen of my life :P
For the same festival, one of my frens family were planning a big puja in the near by village. We should go to that village walking through the fields and farms. I was ready for that in an instant. I went to that place along with my frens. Imagine walking with frens in a line on the edges of fields enjoying and singing songs... Absolute delight :D And I walked for about 3kms and reached that village.
I actually thought that the festival process would end in 2 hours and then come back by afternoon. But that was not so... it was actually 6pm and I was tensed and scared. I was forcing their parents to drop me home as soon as possible. But it didnt happen and I was imagining the worst things in place for me back at home. Atlast I came home at 8pm and realized that most of the village people were looking out for me and they even sent some persons to find out in the neighboring village. I got good shuntings from my mother, my grandmom and my uncles. I never did like that again.

So those are my sweet memories. I still have to write more... but i will write them later as I dont remember most of the stuff now :)

Have a nice weekend folks!!!

PS: we have a long weekend in hyderabad as monday is a holiday here :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

drama at bus station

Recently my brother has come from US on vacation.
My mother has prayed to some gods that she would visit them if he is same and doing well...
so the time has come for my mom to visit all those places with my brother and including us(my sister and me)
So we decided on the temple as Vemulawada temple.
Its about 3 hours from Hyderabad and its my moms native place as well...
so we decided to go by bus as its safest.... as its the Karthika masam...there would be huge crowd... i am assuming ppl would know about it... i will explain about it later...

so we reached the bus station at 6:30am in an auto and immediately i saw a bus going to that place...
my brother forgot his USA mannerism and stuff...and ran after the bus to catch some seats... you know indian crowd...its horribly difficult to enter a bus which has a single door :)

the driver... i mean bus driver said that the bus is completely full and asked us to catch another bus... mind you guys... the frequency of these buses is very less...finally we got one seat in that bus and my sister got into that bus...and i was looking at the other buses boards to find if there is any other bus...

i saw another bus and saw that there were enough seats for all of us... all three of us got into the bus...and it started moving..and we realized that our sister is missing.... damn!!!!
my brother was shouting...whistling to the conductor and driver to stop of the bus...and we realized that my sister doesnt even have a mobile(my brother is using US ones doesnt work here)...damn!!!!!
finally he stopped the bus after covering some distance... my brother ran to get my sister from the other bus...
he has searched everywhere and she is not found... i got scared and confused and tensed...
i got down the bus and told my mom to sit in the bus...
in front of me the previous bus(in which my sister was there) was leaving and there is no sign of my sister....
this time my mom got tensed... she was almost in tears at the thought of not finding her youngest kid :(
she got down the bus and was behind us for searching my sister...we searched for her for couple of mins...and cursed for not having another spare mobile... communication has become so important these days...
by god... i dont remember how were the days without mobile phones...and how ppl managed!!!!!

finally my brother found her...  my stupid sister went outside to make a call to us...and early in the morning none of the telephone booths were open...and she even has decided to go back home and sleep again.. lazy girl!!! almost took the life out of us....

now the turn is of the bus conductor(the one in which we thought of travelling)... he couldnt afford losing 4 passengers... so he turned his bus and came back to pick us up :)
that was very sweet of him and selfish of him though...
when we all four were entering the bus.... you shud see the look on the fellow passengers faces...
i couldnt make out the emotion whether it was anger(for making the bus run late)...shock(we are in the bus again)...relief(we found our sister).
we all didnt talk for a while in the bus... and later me and my sister cracked jokes on the incident and prolonged the incident and laughed like hell....

well... after the incident i realized how important its to be together and how difficult on the thought of losing one of the member...
touch wood... i m really lucky to have a sweet younger sister who does everything and anything for me :P

Thursday, November 05, 2009

inevitable changes....

Before writing this post...  I was actually reading some of my favorite blogs.
I was laughing for sometime... after that I have realized that I haven't been in touch with some of my friends.
Hold on... I wasn't in touch with them.. I am confused now... let me explain...

Friends who really love you and care more about you, never think twice whether he/she is busy... just one sentence is enough to talk with them... a simple "hi" is also good enough to convey hell lot of things...
I am glad I got few such friends... I have a huge gtalk list where most of them are online.. but very few ping me... initially I used to bug people when a group of friends or colleagues you can say separated from the parent company. But when you dont get the same kind of response you expect... you lose the enthu to talk to them again....thats what happened!!!!
 I guess people's priorities change once they move to another place... make new friends and actually forget some of them... Indifferent attitude is one which no would want to get used to...
Life can be compared to a bus... you stop at every stage... few people get into it...and few people get down...those who remain till the end are your real friends.
I dont know who said this statement... but its 100% correct.
Those who decide to move away were/are never really your friends(can i still use that word??) I want to accept the fact and move on... and this is one inevitable change(for good i guess).