Friday, January 30, 2009

lazy bug

I didnt update my blog recently...was lazy enough...
i had a nice weekend at my aunts house... they have a cute little puppy named "aishu"...its just 2 months old... very cute one...
will update her pics later...

this weekend our team has planned for some trip... lets hope it would be successful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wonderful day

21 Jan 2009 was one of the wonderful day in my life.

I could rejoin to the group of NSF(North South Foundation). This group has helped me 7 years ago to get a scholarship because of which I was able to complete my graduation. I owe this group a lot.
I am looking forward to be volunteer for the group and give my contributions.
We need active volunteers to drive this foundation in India.
Anybody interested can contact me. - homepage of north south foundation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Memento movie

Its a very nice movie. IMDB rank is #27 for this movie.
The director leaves most of the things to our imagination in this movie.
This movie is remade in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil as GHAJINI.
After watching all these versions, we would really appreciate the English one. Infact one will think of the remake ones as utter flop and stupid. Well remake versions are just inspired from this movie, as movie makers say :)

This movie "Memento" starts from the end. Every incident is cut shot and shown in the reverse direction. Its very important for us to remember what happened in the beginning. Otherwise the whole idea of watching this film is lost.

I liked the actor Guy Pearce alot. His acting skills are awesome. His slender body and gait suit the character of Lenny very much. A must watch if one is interested in thriller, suspense and action.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A young girl weds a Frog

Well... I am not gonna write a fairy tale here... This has happened in Tamil Nadu in a small village.
Reference :TOI - 18-jan-2009

In a village in Tamil nadu, two young girls were married to frogs to save their village from evil happenings. I was surprised and shocked to read this news. How can people be so stupid, that they sacrifice their girls life for such superstitions??? Is there no one in the village who is educated and who could stop that??
What happens if the frogs die in a couple of days?? Would be girls be called "Widow of Frog"?
Aaahhhh... that sounds so stupid and whaack!!!!

In this 21st century when people are using modern gadgets and trying to find out whats on moon and mars... at the other end people are very ignorant and foolish, trying to believe in fairy tales.
Fairy tales are good to listen but not to implement at any cost. Would that innocent frog ever become a Young man and be with the girl????
hahahha.... very funny and there is no hope also. God please give our people some brain to think and to use at the right time.

I think in our country social awareness is still missing. So many NGO's are working towards improving our country but still we need more I guess.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

bullets didnt hit me :)

I am saved at my office...
meaning i am not in the list of people who were laid off.
But the guarantee is only for the next 4-5 months.
Later I would be definitely there in the lay off list... because there are no more products in the GSM line and our company would not be needing us anymore.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

worst yet to come

This is the condition of most of the people in our office.
Well the news is everywhere about lay offs in our company.
I want to shout and cry... "why should this happen to us??"
I know some of them who are asked to leave... our team is still in suspense.
I am frustrated because they didnt tell who all should leave and the situation is worst.
I have my fingers crossed and waiting.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first time...what happened for the first time???

Well... you take anything to happen in life... something has to happen for the first time...
I realized that something happened with me for the first time in life :)

January 13 2009, 2:25pm.
I got into my office elevator at ground floor along with my lead Saritha.
I pressed the 5 number.
It started moving and I was busy chatting with Saritha.
When we were crossing third floor, suddenly everything went dark and there was a loud sound with a big jerk indicating that it stopped. I realized that power was not there, so our lift has stopped.
My heart was beating at a very fast rate and without my knowledge I caught hold of Saritha's hand. It was like a child holding mothers hand when something is scary.
As it was dark, I couldnt see anything.. not even Saritha's face :(

I asked her while being little panicked, "Are you not afraid Saritha?"
She replied, " I am afraid but I am not showing that so that you wont be more panicked!!"
That reply has touched my heart... I didnt expect such a reply though.

We were there in the same situation for about a minute.
Then the power came. I saw that our lift has stopped in between 3rd and 4th floor.
Security guard was speaking from some room and as there was a speaker in every lift, we could hear him. He asked if we are fine. We said yes and told him to immediately start the lift so that we get can out from there.
We went to the fifth floor and this is the incident that I have faced for the first time in my life :D
Now I could understand why people are scared when the elevator stops abruptly in movies :P

Struck in an elevator - First time it happened in my life :) and i loved it... infact i enjoyed the moments that came after my panic.


what does one expect to write in a blog??
what makes ppl amused and comment something on our writing??
creativity... realistic... humor... does all these words should be included in blog??

Sunday, January 11, 2009

white brinjal

Did anyone ever see a white brinjal??
well I saw these for the first time in my life at Rythu Bazar in Hyderabad.

Every week for the past two years I have visited Rythu bazar but I never saw white(milky white) brinjals anytime.

This time I was very surprised and shocked. I mean its amazing...
I saw light green brinjals... Violet brinjals... but not these...

I thought of asking the vendor to give me a small brinjal as a sample so that I can treasure the picture of that... but my sister didnt allow me to do such funny thing.

I searched internet and got a snap. I didnt know that its also called Eggplant.

Heres the picture:

Friday, January 09, 2009

Signs of change

In december 2007 I got few flower pots which were very healthy and blooming.
I uploaded few of the snaps of them in my blog.
Just as the flowers which were happy... my life was also pleasant.

But now after one year, all of them died giving me lot of disappointment and sadness. Now I only see dry mud in the pots.
Maybe they wanted to tell me that this part of present life is gonna die and you should start a new and fresh one. As they were through the dieing phase, my life was also in turmoil. My job is uncertain as of now. I think nature has its own way of giving indications.
I am gonna trust it and start a fresh one. I am gonna get new flower pots, nourish them and help them smile all the time!!!
I pray to God, to give me enough strength.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Compatability :)

Frens this table is really worth following. I have seen many of my frens who are married and are happily living fall under the red symbol category of "compatible".
So while choosing a partner make sure that your relationship is compatible with the person sharing.
Also read "Linda Goodman's" sun sign's book whenever you are free and going to commit with someone...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy new year 2009 :)

I wish everyone gets whatever they truly wish for!!!!
Good luck for the year 2009!!!