Thursday, December 24, 2009

would the future be like this??

Darwin proposed the theory "survival of the fittest". In order to have a comfortable life in future what would be the strategy that would be followed??

I got a thought... supposedly in future, man discovers some way to find out what are the possible kinds of problems(u call it diseases or psychological ones) one can have by just studying at the DNA... what would happen to the man kind??? One would be rated based on the intelligence as well as this factor. One will decide about their kids based on those 2 factors apart from love. Its a depressing thought.

But someone has actually captured this thought in a movie called Gattaca. Yes!!! Its damn true. Its set in which year I forgot though. But a nice movie for science fiction. It also captures one major thing called the determination and the will power of a man. As long as you are brave at heart and have courage.... no physical disability can deny you from fulfilling your dreams. Strength is not in the physical structure of a man but in his spirit!!! I know few guys who have proved such thing like Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientist.

One more thought... if there is a thing called rebirth and god gives us an opportunity to chose which life you want to take...who would you want to be??

PS: I would like to be a TREE.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wake up Sid!!!

Wake up Sid!!! This is my recent movie. Unfortunately I couldnt watch the movie in a theatre.
So the other day I bought a DVD and saw the movie. Its an AWESOME movie. Ayan Mukarji put all the efforts to portray all kinds of emotions in this movie.

I liked the movie for various reasons. Firstly its because of showing how the teenage kids treat their parents and how desperately parents try to be friends with them. The responsibility factor is shown in a very meaningful way and not going to the extremes of it. Also understanding your dreams and how to work on them and fulfilling them. Something like photography for Sid, which was a passion and he turned it into his work life.

The last reason is the relationship between Sid and Ayesha. The girl being elder to the guy. In our society its not an accepted factor. Is it really wrong for the girl to be elder than guy?? In my opinion I really dont think so as long as you have good mutual understanding levels and maturity to handle the relationship. Even in our puranas, it says that Sita was elder than Ram. So whats the big deal??

Even our real life hero like Sachin set us a good example in front of us by marrying Anjali who is 6-7 years elder than him. What matters most in a relationship is the commitment and carrying it forward for years together. Society rules are framed by us for our convenience. If it doesn't accept now, its good to break them and not follow it. Looking at the other side of the coin we know that during age olden days, girls were married to old men as well. Many of the social reformers changed our society rules. I feel in the future generations to come, the age factor would diminish and importance would be given only to the love and understanding of each other.
So what do you think?? Do you really feel that age is an important factor ruling the relationships these days?? Do feel free to express your opinions.

Friday, December 04, 2009

road,car and bike story

Few days back I was travelling with my dad on bike on the roads of hyderabad. It was around noon and the area through which we were going was full of traffic.The area is Mehadipatnam.

My dad is a very cautious driver unlike me. He was explaning me how the city has changed through years and was showing his favorite places. I was wearing my new goggles which my brother got it from USA(showing off :P) and mind you it was sunny also(so not 100% show off).

I heard that someone was honking from behind our vehicle for long time. Actually I was focusing on what my father was saying. I looked behind and saw that a swift car fellow was honking continously. Actually there was no free space on road to give side to him. There were two fellows in the car. The one sitting beside the driver seat rolled down his glass and was saying something.

And then I shouted back in telugu..."aagatleda??"(which means "cant you control"??)
I know the usage is very bad.. but that car fellow was damn irritating and creating enough noise pollution.
He replied,"what the heck did u say??".
I said," didnt you hear?? And can you see if there is enough space for us to drive and give you side. No right?? then why did u honk unnecessarily??"
He gave a confused and shocking expression.
Then I said quietly," next time use bathroom and go for drive!!!!". At that moment I remembered Vimmuuu saying stories about bathroom incidents.

I had to cut down my laughs and imaginations.

The next moment my dad was saying something. I realized at that moment that I was thinking deep inside my mind saying all those things to that car fellow. And I came back to the real world.

I gave a nasty look at that car fellow and were on our own. Next time I will definitely teach such fellows a good lesson :)