Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dare to watch Dhruva

I think I was in 6th standard when there was a story about Dhruva, a young prince who was son of Uttanapada in English textbooks. And the story ended with Dhruva becoming a Pole star which is visible to the naked eyes. At that time my teacher has told me that one can see the star in the north direction at 4am very brightly in the sky. I was determined to see  Pole star the next day.
During those days, we lived in a small house where our bathroom was outside and stairs adjacent to it. I got up around 4am in the morning, opened the door quietly and was about to step out when I heard my mom whispering something. I told her that I would pee and come quickly. It was very dark outside and the stars were shining very brightly up in the sky. I climbed the stairs slowly without making any sounds and was evaluating which was north direction. In front of our house there was a Hanuman temple and as was the rule Gods face east direction. So if he is facing east, just to the left of him would be north. I saw the star and I was so delighted to look at it, that I forgot its so dark and I was alone. I heard some creepy sound near the terrace wall with a sudden blow of wind. I had goosebumps all over my body after listening to that. I didnt even dare looking in that direction. All sorts of thoughts came into my mind in that moment. It could be some ghost, creature, bird, kidnapper and I donno what not. I ran very fast into the house climbing down the stairs, asked mom to lock the door and curled myself with the bedsheet trying to forget the incident.
For few days I was scared to go to my building terrace. That was what happened when I dared to watch Dhruva aka Pole star.

PS: After 1 week I went to my building terrace with my brother and saw that it was just a plastic cover attached to the iron rods that made the sound :D
Uff...that cover had almost taken the life out of me!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

To greed, all nature is insufficient

Note: This story is told in rural india to children before going to sleep. Its kind of fairy tale with a moral in it.
                            One hair queen

Once upon a time there lived a King who had two beautiful wives. First wife had only 1 hair and second wife had 2 hairs. King wasn't happy with the first wife having  only 1 hair and sent her to exile. First wife, devastated by the kings behavior was crying horribly in the jungle when from no where appeared an old woman and asked what was wrong with her. She told the whole story to her. After listening to the story, the old woman has told her to follow few steps. First to stop crying and be brave. Second, to walk 3 miles north to find a lake and to take a dip 3 times in its water. She wished her good luck and disappeared.
First wife followed the steps told by the old woman and took 3 dips in the water. She got her complete hair back and was looking more beautiful than before. She was more happy than one could imagine.She went back to the kingdom, bowing before the king and asked him to accept her as his wife again. The king was amazed and accepted her.

Meanwhile he sent second wife to exile on the same grounds. She followed the foot steps of the first wife and met the same old woman on the way.
She gave the exact same steps as told to first wife. Second wife turned into a beautiful lady after 3rd dip. The next moment she thought she would become more beautiful by taking few more dips. Alas!!! Her greed had ruined everything. She lost her beauty,hair and looked wrecked. She cursed herself for being greedy.
Finally she went to the king for his forgiveness and asked him to accept her. The king couldn't forgive her and told her that her greed has taken everything from her. The king and his first wife lived happily ever after!!!!

Moral:There is no cure for greed. We just have to be content with what we have. The more we want, the more we are losing our SELF. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

why does it happen only to me??

For the past few weeks, I have become lazy enough to do any work at home. Was just spending my time at home with my Sherlock Holmes and other books. In the mean while I lost the habit of getting up early in the morning. So to regain my usual habits I thought of putting an alarm clock for 7am and happily slept.
I woke up when my mom said its half past 8.
Half past 8!!! You should be kidding me. I just saw my alarm clock. It was still showing 6:50am. I vaguely remember seeing the watch twice and hitting my pillow again. Ofcourse it showed the same time and I never realized that it has stopped working. Why does it happen to me?? When I really think of changing and putting myself together for better.... weird things like this happen... for months together that alarm clock has been working properly and all of a sudden it stopped working...and that too at 6:50am!!! Isnt it strange????

This isnt just the one incident that happened. I m going to tell another one. Sometimes when I m too tired of driving my two-wheeler, I prefer to use public transportation. To my office there are two routes, of which one is the cleanest and the shortest. The difficult part is that very few busus ply on that route. The moment I m crossing the road to reach the busstop, the bus which i have to get into would be just leaving. I wouldnt dare to catch a running bus. And I would desperately wait for another bus to come which would never come. Why does it happen??
And to add something to it... After waiting for 30 mins and not getting right one I chose the wrong bus and get into it. After travelling some distance, I see the right bus going right beside mine and curse my luck.
Damn!!! Couldnt I wait few more mins???
I cant jump out of this bus and get into that.
Thats the irony. Why does such things happen only with me??

Monday, March 22, 2010

talking to me...

Weird as it sounds talking to me
Thoughts of butterflies over my head
Flying all the way forming a rainbow
Rainbow reminding me of drizzling rain
Rain drops touching my face in open air
Salty are they when felt by taste buds
Letting a wrinkle when closed my eyes
Dancing clouds in between my brows
Forming images as they move from place
Where I can see myself talking to me

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running on in my mind

I was always interested in detective serials and novels but never knew that I would be mad at one until now. Recently I saw Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey and Jude Law. Though I read his stories in school days I was not much interested then. But now its completely a different story. By some instinct I ran into Landmark near Somajiguda and got the two volumes of Sherlock Holmes adventures which were there. At first I couldnt find the Volume I of his adventures. I made the shopkeeper to search his entire database to check if there are really any copies and to find out where they are misplaced and get me one. He did it. He got it for me. Mean while I couldn't resist buying Ruskin Bond's another book. It happens being a freak and roaming in such a world of books where its impossible to glance at overwhelming number of books and resisting to buy.

Now comes the interesting part of my Sherlock Holmes journey. I have started reading his adventures putting myself in the shoes of Dr.Watson. His description of Holmes and the reasoning he gives is so excellent that I couldnt stop thinking in the same way. Whenever Holmes is describing a crime scene with blood stains, foot prints, nature of murder and the character of the person, I couldnt stop imagining myself being there and looking at everything like a freak and wondering how the hell does he do that!!!! Watson being a doctor and as naive as he could be and as surprised as he can be and as shocked as he can be when Holmes comes to a conclusion based on his reasoning and theory on the facts given which can be like a single hair, I m dumbfounded!!!
When Holmes is waiting for a criminal in a big castle to catch him and he breathes heavily, with Watson limping and imagining things to himself, I could feel the same things happening to me in my mind. When there are no cases with Holmes and he is puffing cocaine and sounding boorish, I could imaging myself being and reading the same way in my mind. Maybe thats the power of our mind. Our imagination can reach greater levels what we can actually think of. Thats what the author has proved.
To know more about analogy and reasoning skills one should read Sherlock Holmes. Narration by Watson is excellent. I must say that Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle is simply great with his imagination and writing power. He could give the world a great detective character who has ever lived in the form of Holmes and a noble trustworthy human being in the form of Watson. I have just completed few of the adventures in the Volume I. There are many more stories to be completed and perceived.
I have become a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and cherish my reading of his adventures all through my life!!!!
I guess it doesnt really matter at what age you read this book. It just matters how thrilled you are on reading this and how much you appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Imaginary world

I live in an imaginary world
where men are as kind as ever
where helping hands are really for that cause
where kids smile make your day by taking sorrows away
where the first sight is always a good one
I live in such an imaginary world!!!

I live in an imaginary world
where the gentle wind touch makes you smile
where the flowers sway as you pass by
where the birds chirp giving you thoughts
where the fairies makes your dreams come true
where the prince of my dreams is with me

I live in an imaginary world!!!
I live in such an imaginary world!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reality vs Idealism

The other day I saw a program on TV in which many actors were talking about "Reality vs Idealism". The correct meaning of idealism doesn't exist in our world now. Its completely diluted in the current scenario. Some people would still keep it as a shining star which might show the way, yet they wont reach that stage.
Idealism would mean different to different people and it also varies with the context. For a politician the word wouldn't exist in his dictionary. When the word 'politics' is known, at the same moment 'idealism' is killed. The works and deeds which look great in the eye of idealism, are never reached to its reality. Should science and implementation be applied to idealism, reality is evolved. Take any context, any industry and any person the result would be the same. Should anyone try to achieve to it?? Before asking this question, I must ask if anyone is willing to follow it even. Our weakness and selfish ambitions comes into picture during implementation. In this phase, idealism and reality are pulled apart, so far that we doubt what was to exist actually.
Am I making any sense??
For example, lets think about the case of our politicians. In idealism, they are supposed to keep the promises made to its people and work for the welfare of them. What is in its reality??? The moment they are on the throne, the horns of greed pop up instantly and take them far away from their duties. The decision making factor in the critical development is left to an uneducated minister who doesnt understand the ABCDs of project. For the next elections, the promises of idealism are made which are never seen in reality.

The whole system in the case of a idealist world be free channels of development and prosperity and open window system. It should have been a cake walk for the people to are part of it. In reality its never so. The system is made so complex that once we enter it, its impossible to return in a single piece without getting influenced.

I m out of words now because in reality I m not a good essayist!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

airshow pics

During the March 1st week there was the Aviation show. I could catch some pics from my camera though it doesnt have proper zoom.
It looks like a rainbow :) but its not. During this feat one of the plane crashed killing both the pilots and a civilian. The pilot couldnt control the plane after it has reached some depth. It directly hit a 3 floored building. Thats the sad story of the aviation show 2010 in Hyderabad.

Friday, March 05, 2010

I know you would

"Momma... today is 4th march... and you know what!!!", the 4 year old Sweety was shouting to catch her mom's attention who is busy swinging fingers on the keypad of her laptop. Lina is working from home as Sweety's nanny got sick.
Lina,"what baby??"
Sweety,"you forgot what is on 4th??"
Lina,"what is it??"
Sweety,"I know you would. I m sad!!". Saying that she ran away into her room.
Lina could hear soft sobs from kids room and found Sweety in the closet holding Tutu.
"I m sorry kiddo,tell me what is it", said Lina.
"Today is Tutu's birthday. You promised to make a cake and celebrate."
"Okay fine. Lets go and make yummy cake and party in the kitchen!!!"

Tutu is an abandoned piglet which Sweety found near her school and kept it as her pet since then.