Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dare to watch Dhruva

I think I was in 6th standard when there was a story about Dhruva, a young prince who was son of Uttanapada in English textbooks. And the story ended with Dhruva becoming a Pole star which is visible to the naked eyes. At that time my teacher has told me that one can see the star in the north direction at 4am very brightly in the sky. I was determined to see  Pole star the next day.
During those days, we lived in a small house where our bathroom was outside and stairs adjacent to it. I got up around 4am in the morning, opened the door quietly and was about to step out when I heard my mom whispering something. I told her that I would pee and come quickly. It was very dark outside and the stars were shining very brightly up in the sky. I climbed the stairs slowly without making any sounds and was evaluating which was north direction. In front of our house there was a Hanuman temple and as was the rule Gods face east direction. So if he is facing east, just to the left of him would be north. I saw the star and I was so delighted to look at it, that I forgot its so dark and I was alone. I heard some creepy sound near the terrace wall with a sudden blow of wind. I had goosebumps all over my body after listening to that. I didnt even dare looking in that direction. All sorts of thoughts came into my mind in that moment. It could be some ghost, creature, bird, kidnapper and I donno what not. I ran very fast into the house climbing down the stairs, asked mom to lock the door and curled myself with the bedsheet trying to forget the incident.
For few days I was scared to go to my building terrace. That was what happened when I dared to watch Dhruva aka Pole star.

PS: After 1 week I went to my building terrace with my brother and saw that it was just a plastic cover attached to the iron rods that made the sound :D
Uff...that cover had almost taken the life out of me!!!


Mural! said...

haha nice memoir

Uncommon Sense said...

lol that was nice

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