Monday, March 15, 2010

Reality vs Idealism

The other day I saw a program on TV in which many actors were talking about "Reality vs Idealism". The correct meaning of idealism doesn't exist in our world now. Its completely diluted in the current scenario. Some people would still keep it as a shining star which might show the way, yet they wont reach that stage.
Idealism would mean different to different people and it also varies with the context. For a politician the word wouldn't exist in his dictionary. When the word 'politics' is known, at the same moment 'idealism' is killed. The works and deeds which look great in the eye of idealism, are never reached to its reality. Should science and implementation be applied to idealism, reality is evolved. Take any context, any industry and any person the result would be the same. Should anyone try to achieve to it?? Before asking this question, I must ask if anyone is willing to follow it even. Our weakness and selfish ambitions comes into picture during implementation. In this phase, idealism and reality are pulled apart, so far that we doubt what was to exist actually.
Am I making any sense??
For example, lets think about the case of our politicians. In idealism, they are supposed to keep the promises made to its people and work for the welfare of them. What is in its reality??? The moment they are on the throne, the horns of greed pop up instantly and take them far away from their duties. The decision making factor in the critical development is left to an uneducated minister who doesnt understand the ABCDs of project. For the next elections, the promises of idealism are made which are never seen in reality.

The whole system in the case of a idealist world be free channels of development and prosperity and open window system. It should have been a cake walk for the people to are part of it. In reality its never so. The system is made so complex that once we enter it, its impossible to return in a single piece without getting influenced.

I m out of words now because in reality I m not a good essayist!!!


Uncommon Sense said...

i dont think education is that important, if a person is smart enuf to win an election,, its to be taken for granted that person is of generous mental ability...

if a person is idealistic but is not capable to deliver by implimenting his views is of no use.. but if there is another person who benefits the country but at the same time makes illegal money for himself then i dont think there is any prob.. we can just treat that as an incentive for his work...

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