Thursday, March 25, 2010

why does it happen only to me??

For the past few weeks, I have become lazy enough to do any work at home. Was just spending my time at home with my Sherlock Holmes and other books. In the mean while I lost the habit of getting up early in the morning. So to regain my usual habits I thought of putting an alarm clock for 7am and happily slept.
I woke up when my mom said its half past 8.
Half past 8!!! You should be kidding me. I just saw my alarm clock. It was still showing 6:50am. I vaguely remember seeing the watch twice and hitting my pillow again. Ofcourse it showed the same time and I never realized that it has stopped working. Why does it happen to me?? When I really think of changing and putting myself together for better.... weird things like this happen... for months together that alarm clock has been working properly and all of a sudden it stopped working...and that too at 6:50am!!! Isnt it strange????

This isnt just the one incident that happened. I m going to tell another one. Sometimes when I m too tired of driving my two-wheeler, I prefer to use public transportation. To my office there are two routes, of which one is the cleanest and the shortest. The difficult part is that very few busus ply on that route. The moment I m crossing the road to reach the busstop, the bus which i have to get into would be just leaving. I wouldnt dare to catch a running bus. And I would desperately wait for another bus to come which would never come. Why does it happen??
And to add something to it... After waiting for 30 mins and not getting right one I chose the wrong bus and get into it. After travelling some distance, I see the right bus going right beside mine and curse my luck.
Damn!!! Couldnt I wait few more mins???
I cant jump out of this bus and get into that.
Thats the irony. Why does such things happen only with me??


Ratnakar said...

Itz not only you, so many people across this world facing such kinda issues, need not be same as yours,

But atleast myself cm across the similiar issues you hv mentioned.

In our daily routine, those are kinda different exp and So just try to convince urself by saying "ALL IS WELL " :P

satya_eee1 said...

yeah.. even i experienced such situations.. I go late to station and can't catch the train.. next time, when i go early, the train comes late.. but one thing is obvious.. i'll always be late to office..

Stefania said...

Believe me,you are not alone XD

Suman Y said...

I think these things can be sorted out with a little more commitment and care...

When I go home I always have a choice of getting into a shared auto or a bus .. cost is same ... after some thought ..
I decided I will wait for 5 mins for the bus .. and if it does not come in that time, I will get into an auto (they are always there) .. and it worked !
90% of the times, the bus comes within those 5 mins! :-) ..

You can try finding out the timings of the buses in that shorter route .. I have noticed that the bus do follow timings.. some ppl have fixed bus in which they go to offices...

But yes one thing is true .. it take time and effort .. things don't come easily :-) .. may be thats the test we need to go through to show our commitment ..

Haddock said...

But have you noticed, it does not happen always.

sweeliee said...

@Ratnakar: thank you man. I will remember All Izz Well.

@satya: It happens.

@Stefania: thank you and welcome to my blog.

@Suman: I know there is commitment. But dont you think there was some force acting and making my alarm stop :P which was quite strange :)

@Haddock: Yes. It doesnt happen always and I m happy for that.
Thank you for visiting my blog Haddock.

Mural! said...

Haha......such things happen to everyone time and is funny, take it with a pinch of salt ;-)

sweeliee said...

@Murali: I m trying my best to accept them :P
Welcome to my blog Murali!!!

Anonymous said...

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