Friday, May 28, 2010

Nothing at all

I just wanted to write because it has been long I wrote something :)
It has been one hell of a week and I have been missing many updates from bloggers.
I missed watching LOST finale episode. Planning to watch it as soon as I reach Hyderabad.
After moving to a new place, its like having a new life totally.

Friday, May 21, 2010

change is inevitable

Change is the most common word we use in our everyday life!!! It really depends on the individual as to how he can cope with the change. It happens at any cost and the reactions are completely left to the individual. If you are not able to accept it, life would be miserable. Based on the acceptance levels we can say whether its good for us or bad for us. I would just want to see the positive aspects related to the change!!! It might really take sometime but the end results would be fruitful!!!
I m not here to teach some lessons. I want to share some real experiences related to change. If you are living in a very comfortable zone with a complacent mode, bring in change. It might be related to personal stuff or professional stuff. Change shows us a new way to think and adapt in the surroundings. I brought in changes to my life recently and finding it really challenging to accept it.
How do you cope with the change, taking it in a positive way or negative way??

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Break Down

In life many things break down. In todays world what is the most important thing that breaks down and our day goes bad!!! Nothing seems right after that.... Vehicle break down dear!!! I know its a poor joke kind to start the post!!!
My two wheeler broke down mostly during the odd times... either in the scorching sun or rainy season or in the night. I got scared couple of times and cried like a baby. Most of us get irritated and curse the first face we see in the morning!! I realized that its important to follow some steps whenever there is a break down.
  • Stay calm and drink some water if you have it
  • Check your fuel tank incase the reading meter is not properly and you know the problem.
  • If the above case is ruled out, check your phonebook contacts for any mechanic number and call him up
  • If the above doesnt work out, look at the surroundings and find out the nearest mechanic shop by asking strangers.
  • And most important, its important to learn some basics of vehicle and the general problems that can arise.
  • And last thing, give your vehicle for servicing for every 4 months.
Whenever I had some problem, I had my friends helping me out. I also came to know some good samaritans exist in the world!!! And seriously they expect nothing from us and just help people. Its really important to learn about our vehicle. My dad has been my best teacher till now. He taught me how to drive,tricks on how to kick-start, how to put center-stand and how to stay calm while driving.
The lessons learnt while driving are worth remembering for whole life. In the end, stay calm, drive carefully and follow rules sometimes(never on hyderabad roads).
Have a safe drive everyday!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend journey

I went to my native place this weekend!! And it was totally awesome except for the heat waves and scorching sun. Its SUMMER dear!!! What else do you expect!!! Thats what I kept telling myself.
The saddest thing to observe during this summer was that Godavari river is completely dried up. Its one of the prominent river in South India. All those years when I went to my native place for summer holidays I observed that Godavari river was never dried up to this extent. Somehow it was heart rendering to see such a massive river drying up. I guess its because of the Maharashtra Government, who build huge projects over the river in their state and making Andhra dry!!! Well I am not here to talk politics and stuff... just telling that our river goddess is dying and it badly needs monsoons and floods to recover itself :)
I know its a selfish thought!!! I cant help it...
While coming back from Nizamabad, I took the Vizag train which usually starts in the evening. I must say its a pleasant journey watching small villages, jungle and NH7. Everytime I look through the windows desperately trying to find out some wild animals or rare birds. Its the PEACOCKS that appear all the time :)
They are usually out in the evenings to graze in the fields and watching them through moving train is amazing!!! They gather near some water bodies to quench their thirst. I saw about 25 peacocks through my 2 hour journey. And guess what... I was relieved at such a sight... People dont kill them for their feathers anymore. They are not extinct and are happily living. I wish its the same with all other living beings as well...
My chacha was telling that there are some wild boars near our village as well and usually visit our farms in the night. They come searching for food and occasionally destroy crops. I have never seen them though and considered as dangerous. People hunt them for their meat and consider it healthy.
Well...thats how my weekend ended!!! No complaints apart from the scorching sun :P

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Wanted To...

There are pencils, sketches, crayons, markers, chalk pieces, toys and papers spread all over the floor. Sara was wondering if she accidentally came to any play school. She passed through the main door again and looked across the colony. Finally she looked at the door number and saw her husband's name written above it. It was such a relief to find that she was not dreaming and its actually her house. There was no one in the hall and her mother was not seen around in the kitchen. The walls of the hall,sofa and cushions were completely scribbled with marker. She went to the kids room and saw that grandmother was helping Abhi with drawing homework.

Abhi is her 6 year old son. All of a sudden Dolly came from under the bed, showing a paper to Sara.
Dolly asked,"How are my drawings mamma? Even I wanted to draw pig,dog and cat."
That innocent expression of Dolly, who is just 4 year old brought immense happiness in Sara's face. She kissed Dolly and started cleaning up the mess.
No wonder mothers are so sweet and patient. They forget every misery for their kids.
Happy Mothers Day!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Revolutionary road

This movie was aired on TV. I was excited to watch the Titanic duo Leonardo and Kate once again in this movie. This is a slow movie about a suburban family living a usual boring life with children. They suddenly realize they gotta do something to get rid of that boredom and plan to settle in Europe. Leonardo's acting is awesome, though I love his acting in all his movies.
Apart from the actors, the movie is sad. Showing a married couple with two kids, living in a beautiful house and still finding life to be boring and empty is something I couldn't digest. I heard of many friends saying that professional life becomes boring after some point of time. I guess its true now with the married life as well. Maybe everyone needs to be put effort to bring the joy and fun in their married life. Everything in life needs working on. Kate Winslet dying at the end made me sad.
I m tired of thinking in positive terms with life these days. I guess we should not expect anything in life. I mean there should not be any expectations from anyone, either positive or negative. Take everything that comes at that moment and decide the course of action. In this movie, the couple had lot of expectations from their life. They wanted a life with all the wishes fulfilled, happiness around and change.
Well I m still learning not to have any expectations from anyone and live peacefully. Its a little difficult to teach our heart these kind of matters :P

On the whole Revolutionary Road is a good movie and watch it with open mind!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

king of fruits!!!

In India, I think Mango is considered as the king of fruits. Its seen in market during the summer and comes in many varieties. I have loads of memories associated with mangoes. 

When I was young, there were a bunch of kids who used to play together during summer holidays. It included my brother, my sister, sravan, laxmi(sravan's sister) and myself. We always used to be seen together playing in park, cycling, having lunch together and stealing mangoes!!!! Now thats the interesting part...jumping into neighborhood house and plucking small mangoes and running away!!! It used to be totally fun. Our neighbors had 4 mango trees in their garden. At around 2pm, when everyone in the house used to have hefty lunch and snore, we made the plan - the deadly plan to steal mangoes :D
Laxmi used to stand near the corner of the lane and make sure to hint us when someone was coming through this route. Sravan and my brother used to climb the 6ft wall and walk like a cat near the tree. I used to stand on the otherside of the wall waiting for the duo to drop the mangoes across the wall. After collecting the mangoes we used to run as fast as possible to either our house or to Sravan's house.
Now the feast starts by adding salt and chilli powder to the mangoes. We shared the mangoes, cut them in pieces with the pencil blade we had. Then eat them with salt and chilli powder sprinkled on the pieces with mouth slurrping and tinkling taste buds!!!! The taste of the stolen mangoes is far better than the mangoes which were purchased. I guess its the enthusiasm thats added to the mangoes which makes them special. Those were the memorable days of childhood. That very next year, Sravan and Laxmi's family left Nizamabad. I really donno where they are now. I still remember their faces though a little fading.
I guess everyone has some or the other memory associated with the mangoes. Enjoy summer with mangoes of different varieties and cherish the moments!!!