Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Break Down

In life many things break down. In todays world what is the most important thing that breaks down and our day goes bad!!! Nothing seems right after that.... Vehicle break down dear!!! I know its a poor joke kind to start the post!!!
My two wheeler broke down mostly during the odd times... either in the scorching sun or rainy season or in the night. I got scared couple of times and cried like a baby. Most of us get irritated and curse the first face we see in the morning!! I realized that its important to follow some steps whenever there is a break down.
  • Stay calm and drink some water if you have it
  • Check your fuel tank incase the reading meter is not properly and you know the problem.
  • If the above case is ruled out, check your phonebook contacts for any mechanic number and call him up
  • If the above doesnt work out, look at the surroundings and find out the nearest mechanic shop by asking strangers.
  • And most important, its important to learn some basics of vehicle and the general problems that can arise.
  • And last thing, give your vehicle for servicing for every 4 months.
Whenever I had some problem, I had my friends helping me out. I also came to know some good samaritans exist in the world!!! And seriously they expect nothing from us and just help people. Its really important to learn about our vehicle. My dad has been my best teacher till now. He taught me how to drive,tricks on how to kick-start, how to put center-stand and how to stay calm while driving.
The lessons learnt while driving are worth remembering for whole life. In the end, stay calm, drive carefully and follow rules sometimes(never on hyderabad roads).
Have a safe drive everyday!!!!


ramyam ....ramaneyam said...

summer is d one..........d best time for mechanics .....to earn money.... as d vehicles will break down due to burden over engine ....because of excessive heat of summer like this . so before d summer season get your vehicle serviced first.Then go for your 4th month schedule.

Dr. k.V. Ramana murthy

shasha said...

correct!it is not only important for us to learn how to drive but to fix our car when it breaks down also.esp for a woman.