Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I met a friend

In life we meet many people.
Some of them are just like passing clouds.
Some of them become our shadow .
Some of them become eternal part of our life.
Some of them give inspiration and become guiding star.
Some of them become enemies as well.

Of all of them we remember those who did good and bad to us. It was about one year ago I met a person who is humble and down to earth. I m part of an organization called NSF which supported me during my graduation. This organization supports financially thousands of poor students across our country. There I met this person about whom I m going to write now. This person has completed his graduation and was already working for few NGO's. Helping people, bringing awareness among the people in his village near Guntur and supporting for the cause of the society. After speaking to him about one hour I realized how great his vision was towards doing things in life. His ideals and philosophy are excellent. It gives me inspiration to do better things in life rather than thinking for self.

Living up to being a friend requires trust and belief in the person. Trust and belief are not built overnight. One need to put effort for that. My friend gives me inspiration everyday by his positive outlook on life and the vision he has. I realized that friends are not just for hanging out and time pass. They serve a greater purpose in our life by making ourselves a better person. After seeing his work, I realized that my life is just not mine and I can bring smile on others face by spending a little time. His complete family works for betterment of society.
His name is Gurava Reddy who recently completed his MBA from Great Lakes. Also he represented Asia at the finals of social work project at the Haas Business School. His blog link is here.
I am proud to have such a friend in my life!!!
So... who gives you inspiration?? Would love to read your stories in my comments.

Monday, April 26, 2010

its unnecessary thinking

Did it happen anytime that you cannot feel anything to the core?? There is no attachment of any sort to the material things around. Attachment means you cry if you lose it. You feel bad in heart for the failure of doing something. There are regrets of sort when things go wrong with you. Are you called shameless then if there is no feeling for anything? Or are you attaining some kind of sainthood in that process?? Are you sluggish then?? Oh gee!!!! There are so many questions when you realize that you dont feel anything?? Guess its the idle devil mind that makes you do think in that way. 
I m sure its only the idle devil mind that makes that think in that way, otherwise we are not born that way. When you give thought again it might be correct that we dont feel because those things might not be important in our life at that point of life. There are greater things to be perceived and sought. 
These are what I felt in the past few days. When I find answers to my questions, I m sure I m going to enlighten you friends :P
Till then alvida!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

simple yet profound

Sometimes its very difficult for us to make right decisions. Though at a single glance any issue may seem trivial but to give right judgement requires quite an understanding of the surroundings, its people and the due course of action. Do we really have to tamper with the decision based on the effects and be biased?? Its completely left to the individual. If the effects of the decision are only limited to a single person and beneficial to others, the responsibility is on decision maker itself. Otherwise if the decision is going to effect other lives, then the decision maker has no right to tamper or be biased on decision making.
Life gives us many opportunities to make quick and valuable decisions. After proper analysis and reasoning one should come to a conclusion. While making a decision one should give value to the ideals and virtues set for oneself. If they are crossed during this process, we are actually fighting and over powering our conscience which always guides us in the right path. One would never be the same after such an action and lose confidence when one has to act next time.
Isn't it true that most of the times our selfish motives drive in decision making? If there has not been such a motive, the world would have been a better place for living for everyone. Here the emphasis is only on the so called selfish - greedy nature of a person which effect the decision making. This greedy nature of a person deprives the right thinking, killing the conscience and corrupting mind for mere material needs.
In order to take a right decision and stand by it one needs courage. Its the courage which sprangs from the heart supported by mind, the intellectual. It gives immense happiness which is beyond measures.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The lovely bones

Incase you are wondering, this is a movie about, how Susie a 14 year old girl was murdered by her neighbor and how she watches from heaven.
This is not the typical hollywood suspense thriller where, the ghost is seen and takes revenge by killing the murderer. This movie is completely shown from a different perspective of a family who lost a lovely daughter. The murderer is a psycho who has an itch for young girls and keeps killing by luring them into his trap. He observes them carefully before designing the trap.
The story line is very sensitively told from the young girls voice. The path of the heaven for the girl is a little misleading and boring in the movie. But it kept me with the emotions going on.
This movie is nominated for one Oscar and I donno for which category. I would give this movie 7 stars out of 10.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A singular blogger meet!!!

I always wondered how many different types of  bloggers existed in this world, me being a tiny  part of it. It was realized on 11th April 2010 in Hyderabad at the IndiBlogger meet. I had my own apprehensions about the meet but it turned out to be different when I was welcomed by Nafisa!!! She was the one who called me up and confirmed me attending for the meet. I was glad she identified me :)
There was a huge turnout and was excited looking at the board where people were already tweeting about the meet!!! Twitter ki Zindabad!!!
The welcome video of Hitler sent by a German indiblogger was hilarious. It was followed by 30 seconds of fame where you get to know all the bloggers. There were stock experts, writers, fashion students, gadget freaks, techies, critics, cooking experts and recruiters at the meet. Damn... I just dont write anything specific and write everything under the sun.
The next session was getting to know each other with charts. Its a totally funny event with bloggers writing their ids on the chart and interacting with others.It was followed by quiz. Riyaz took the quiz and got to know interesting things about fake Steve Jobs, trade red paper clip to house and Six degrees of separation. Snacks were a delight followed by the photo session.

Thanks to IndiBlogger, I actually met two readers of my blog. They are satya and rambabu and also loads of other friends. Also came to know about some of the notable blogs. It would be great if such meetings are often!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I told her!!!!

Hyderabad is famous for L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital. Many old people come here for their cataract and other operations. Today was one such crowded day near the bus stop at that hospital. As such the bus in which I was commuting was empty and stopped at the hospital for the people to hop in. The bus was full by the time we started to move from that stop. Many old people got into the bus along with their kids. Usually in the State run buses there are few Ladies seats and one senior citizens seat. Old people occupied their seat but still many were standing which was sad.
I was sitting comfortably in a seat and sacrificed it for a mother with a one year old kid. Then I saw that there was a 70 year old frail woman begging a 25 old girl to give some space to sit. The girl was adamant and just moved a little bit and gave a corner portion for the old woman to sit. As the bus was moving, the old woman was not able to balance herself and slipping from her seat most of the time.
I went to that girl and said,"I hope tomorrow you wouldn't beg for a seat just like this old woman. You can stand and make her sit comfortably atleast considering her age". I told her on the face. I wasn't scared. Her face turned pale and I just got down the bus as I reached my house.
Generally these kind of situations make my blood boil. How can some girls act so senselessly and irresponsibly?
Giving respect and helping gives a sense of satisfaction and relief. I hope people put this words in their hearts always and act human!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cursed for being old??

Recently I came to know about the death of a grandmother who lives in the same village as mine. She didnt die because she was old. She died because no one took care of her and she was having little pride in approaching other relatives for help. For 3 days she didnt eat anything itseems and neighbors had to break the house as she didnt open the house in the morning. She was just stoned to death on a mat. Her grandsons and grand-daughters were called later in the evening. Was she cursed for being old??? Is it her fault that she aged giving birth to sons and daughters and raising them, making them eligible so that they leave her at the end??
When I was a kid I remember growing up in her house. She used to welcome me everytime when I used to go there for summer holidays. She always lived alone as far as I remember because her daughter-in-law never allowed her son to come near her mom. She managed with the money that came from the little land she hand.
If I were given a sword or gun, I would kill all those f****** sons. No one has the right to abandon their aged parents however mean they might have been!!!! I am so ashamed of her sons and daughters who couldn't take care of her. 
I mean what is our life for?? Just to earn money...get enough education....get married...have sex...have kids...have a house...give money to parents if required!!! Is that all?? Where have all the moral values gone which we were taught when we were kids??? I see so many people leaving their parents in old age homes and settling in foreign countries for the richness and comfort. Where are we heading in the fast moving world leaving ourselves??
Being old should never become a curse. There should be some hard and fast rules made in the constitution in my opinion. First of all, parents should plan well for their retirement. Save enough for the worst times to come. Never get tempted to give everything to sons and daughters. They got their life and can earn enough.
Secondly, maintain a good friends circle and be happy always. If things doesn't work out well at home always have a back up plan, like an old age home with the savings available. If one is not physically capable, then I pray sons are kind enough to take care of them.