Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I told her!!!!

Hyderabad is famous for L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital. Many old people come here for their cataract and other operations. Today was one such crowded day near the bus stop at that hospital. As such the bus in which I was commuting was empty and stopped at the hospital for the people to hop in. The bus was full by the time we started to move from that stop. Many old people got into the bus along with their kids. Usually in the State run buses there are few Ladies seats and one senior citizens seat. Old people occupied their seat but still many were standing which was sad.
I was sitting comfortably in a seat and sacrificed it for a mother with a one year old kid. Then I saw that there was a 70 year old frail woman begging a 25 old girl to give some space to sit. The girl was adamant and just moved a little bit and gave a corner portion for the old woman to sit. As the bus was moving, the old woman was not able to balance herself and slipping from her seat most of the time.
I went to that girl and said,"I hope tomorrow you wouldn't beg for a seat just like this old woman. You can stand and make her sit comfortably atleast considering her age". I told her on the face. I wasn't scared. Her face turned pale and I just got down the bus as I reached my house.
Generally these kind of situations make my blood boil. How can some girls act so senselessly and irresponsibly?
Giving respect and helping gives a sense of satisfaction and relief. I hope people put this words in their hearts always and act human!!!


Uday said...

I appreciate your kindness. Our society will be a lot better if every one thinks like you.

Did you ever consider that the girl in the bus may had a problem that you failed to identify?

sweeliee said...

@Uday: I saw her getting into the bus along with me. She was perfectly alright. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered her at all!!!

satya_eee1 said...

I really appreciate you shouting at her.. She deserves it. after all, we are human beings...

Anonymous said...

some people are so insenstive to the needs of old people
why do they forget that they will be in the same boat one day in future

Nelii said...

Some people just don't have a heart. That's why we'll never have peace... but still, others and I myself have hope about it. It was kind of you to tell her something she needed to hear.

sweeliee said...

@satya: yeah...she really deserved that

@anju: Seriously!!! i dont understand how they can!!
Welcome to my blog Anju ji!!

Nelii: you are right...we can hope people will change

dreamer said...

I'm a train commuter. I generally get up to give space to ladies who carry kids. but sometimes i'll b so exhausted that i will not be able to stand. it wont show in my face.and if id ont get up, ppl will stare at me as though i'm doing a crime. Its not fair! May b twas like that for the girl u shouted. I agree, its heartless not to help these elderly ppl. but help comes after u take care of urself. no? is it absolutely essential that u need to starve urself to help others?

sweeliee said...

@dreamer: you are right in one way!!! I really hope that girl was having some problem and if its true i m sorry for my behaviour...maybe i just looked at one side of problem