Monday, April 12, 2010

A singular blogger meet!!!

I always wondered how many different types of  bloggers existed in this world, me being a tiny  part of it. It was realized on 11th April 2010 in Hyderabad at the IndiBlogger meet. I had my own apprehensions about the meet but it turned out to be different when I was welcomed by Nafisa!!! She was the one who called me up and confirmed me attending for the meet. I was glad she identified me :)
There was a huge turnout and was excited looking at the board where people were already tweeting about the meet!!! Twitter ki Zindabad!!!
The welcome video of Hitler sent by a German indiblogger was hilarious. It was followed by 30 seconds of fame where you get to know all the bloggers. There were stock experts, writers, fashion students, gadget freaks, techies, critics, cooking experts and recruiters at the meet. Damn... I just dont write anything specific and write everything under the sun.
The next session was getting to know each other with charts. Its a totally funny event with bloggers writing their ids on the chart and interacting with others.It was followed by quiz. Riyaz took the quiz and got to know interesting things about fake Steve Jobs, trade red paper clip to house and Six degrees of separation. Snacks were a delight followed by the photo session.

Thanks to IndiBlogger, I actually met two readers of my blog. They are satya and rambabu and also loads of other friends. Also came to know about some of the notable blogs. It would be great if such meetings are often!!!


Tavish Chadha said...

yup it would be grat if we can all meet up once again... it was awesome meeting all u guys yesterday! :)

MHS said...

it was simply awesome!!! look fwd to meeting all of u in the meets coming up!!

PS: you write awesomely! loved ur posts!!

@nks said...

well written ... and thanks for posting a good resolution picture .... :)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! nice pic and well written.. Don't forget to mention I answered a question on "The Pirate Bay" in the Riyaz's quiz :p

Aziz Siddiqui said...

It was a great experience.
I didn't get a chance to get your feedback in the "comment" session. We did talk for a few seconds on Android devices though :-)
Happy Blogging!

Yogesh Patel said...

The meet was cool, here is in depth details of the meet with pictures, suggestion

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

seriusly gr8 fun...n a realy nice post , m glad u mentioned "fashion students" ,, ....looks lyk m dozin off in d pic,,,nevertheless a gr8 pic!! just luvd d blogger aura!!

desertwind said...

Glad to know that you liked the quiz. You can download it at my blog

vyasa said...

Good to see you have given links to quiz answers. Great report. Have u see mine?

Arc Lamp said...

Cute write up... thanks for sharing..

satya_eee1 said...

Nice to meet you at the meet. I identified you as soon as I see you.. I was waving at you but you were not even looking at me... but finally met you..

sweeliee said...

@tavish: thank you :) it was great meeting you and ur blog :P

@MHS: thanks munaf...welcome to my blog :)

@anks: thank you and welcome here

@harsha: i remember that :) and welcome to my blog

@Aziz: I remember discussing about android phones with you!!! lets catch on twitter :)

@Yogesh: I will check out the link

@buzzzz: i know its interesting to know abt fashion and stuff...

@desertwind: I have already downloaded the quiz and sent it to my colleagues at office :)

@Vyasa: thank you and i will go through your blog

@diparani: thank you

@satya: sorry man!!! I really didnt think u were calling me...i have noticed you calling me there... it was great meeting you guys :)

Sanjay said...

Good post on the meet Sweeliee! Nice writing style you have got! Looking forward to read more posts of yours!
and Thanks a lot for dropping a comment on my blog! :)


Bikram said...

When you guys have one in UK,, I promise to attend ...

or if i am lucky sometime when i am visiting india could be then ..

first time her.. like the blog :)

Lonesailor said...

You have a very good writing style. Keep writing.

ramana murthy said...

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