Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I met a friend

In life we meet many people.
Some of them are just like passing clouds.
Some of them become our shadow .
Some of them become eternal part of our life.
Some of them give inspiration and become guiding star.
Some of them become enemies as well.

Of all of them we remember those who did good and bad to us. It was about one year ago I met a person who is humble and down to earth. I m part of an organization called NSF which supported me during my graduation. This organization supports financially thousands of poor students across our country. There I met this person about whom I m going to write now. This person has completed his graduation and was already working for few NGO's. Helping people, bringing awareness among the people in his village near Guntur and supporting for the cause of the society. After speaking to him about one hour I realized how great his vision was towards doing things in life. His ideals and philosophy are excellent. It gives me inspiration to do better things in life rather than thinking for self.

Living up to being a friend requires trust and belief in the person. Trust and belief are not built overnight. One need to put effort for that. My friend gives me inspiration everyday by his positive outlook on life and the vision he has. I realized that friends are not just for hanging out and time pass. They serve a greater purpose in our life by making ourselves a better person. After seeing his work, I realized that my life is just not mine and I can bring smile on others face by spending a little time. His complete family works for betterment of society.
His name is Gurava Reddy who recently completed his MBA from Great Lakes. Also he represented Asia at the finals of social work project at the Haas Business School. His blog link is here.
I am proud to have such a friend in my life!!!
So... who gives you inspiration?? Would love to read your stories in my comments.


Sorcerer said...

first time here and happy to read such a valid writeup..thank you

flower said...

Nobody is enemy.All of our brothers and sisters.

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