Friday, September 25, 2009

non happening to happening

I always wanted my life to be happening all the time... I wanted my be happening one... never wanted boring and boring things in my life!!! I maybe over ambitious or something... i am not sure what of it...

but something changed... if i take the last few months and now... my life has changed from non happening to very much happening :)
i am happy... very very happy(i wish kisi ki nazar na lag jaaye... touch wood)
so...whats happening??!!?? a good question i think...
pretty good office...
pretty good new frens... who make me laugh and also sometimes make me angry :P
new hobbies... apart from reading... got into nature watching and photography
new learnings... java and mysql... writing some hundreds of lines of complex code...which i never got a chance to do in my previous company!!!(unusual though... cant help)
new thing thats keeping me busy these days is the Lotus pond. Every day, we 5 friends go for a walk for about 45mins and get refreshed our mind!!!

Today I caught sight of one unusual bird... its cute with red beak... i had to use 10x zoom to get the picture of the bird... here is it attached along with some of my frens snaps :)

The next pic is of the forest :)... there is this beautiful view which i havent explored till goes the pic of it...

above... dirty duck is creating ripples and eating some insects from water...

Another is just like that...

Its a long weekend for us as Monday is a holiday. Enjoy frens!!! Happy Dusherra!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

september masti....

Wow... september... i enjoyed a lot during these 20 days. Had enough of masti that I haven't had in few months :)
Everyday I went to Lotus pond after work and enjoyed the mother natures creation.
Last weekend I went to Srisailam trip... which was nothing but awesome.
Also I visited few temples which I haven't seen in Hyderabad. One of them is the Skandagiri temple near PadmaRao Nagar,Secunderabad. Its the most beautiful temple of Subramanya Swamy and Durga devi.
Today I went to Barbeque nation restaurant and had fulto gala time :D

I want to say few things about Srisailam. Its a pilgrimage place where Lord Shiva resides. Its situated in between a dense forest and Krishna river. Actually at that place, Krishna river takes multiple turns and apears very beautiful. People say that Krishna river goddess is the most  proud and arrogant female in the purana's. Thats why I guess its so beautiful with different landscapes it has created during its journey. One should never miss the 80kms ghat road through the jungle. Its complete greenary and there are cotteges in forest as well. Btw the forest is called "Nallamalla forest". Recently our Chief Minister had died there in a helicopter crash.
I am attaching some of the snaps here.

this is the forest... we crossed all those mountains which you see in the snap... its a 80kms stretch... imagine... the largest forest terrain to be crossed... after 8pm vehicles are not allowed on that road...

I caught this beautiful sunset over there in my camera :)
This is the Srisailam dam over Krishna river where power generation happens

this is the view before the dam... with beautiful landscape.
One can plan for this trip over the weekend and enjoy the mother natures creation.

And not least my barbeque nation photograph... Our gang is having lots of fun in my new office. This is one such example for that :)

There was this African festival celebrations. We took part in that. The best part is that they were focusing on that theme completely and kept the mood all through the time. Also they took snaps of each and every table. They presented the copy of that photograph to us. Isnt it great!!! Thats why some of the restaurants are very popular..for their good hospitality :) Clockwise... me, Bindu, Rolee, Ravi and Ratnakar :)

Have a nice time folks!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

more of my photographic skills...

I couldnt find any other great spot than the lotus pond at my office.
Today i visited the pond again... and got to know some more interesting things.. which i really missed in the first trip :D... lol i am calling this a trip...

did anyone to hear to the songs  of "TUM MILE" movie?? the title song is really cool... the music is by pritam and he is a copy cat... must have copied from somewhere... but try the songs sometime... the lyrics are good :)

coming back to my skills :P
attaching some pics again...

This is the pic of bamboo trees in the park... just wanted to take the snap with the sun peeking in between the trees.
This is the dirty fish thats there in the pond. I got really scared by looking at its fangs or moustache which it has. Its really huge and almost 50cms long!!!
 They have a family you know!!! We threw some bits of eatables and they were grabbing at a shot!!! they have a big mouth!! it can eat a laddu completely in a single time...Dangerous sight to watch them eating...
Atlast... some beautiful bunch of flowers... all those are on a single twig... really beautiful with 5 petals :) donno what they are called!!!
Next time i will chose a different place and get something unique!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my photographic skills

they are naive... dont fall for the title :P
i am attaching snaps taken near my office.... btw... there is a lotus pond near my office and its the most beautiful during the evening times... around 5:30 to 6:30pm
Yesterday i happened to go there and took a walk around it... caught some pics...
here are they :)

This is the pond that i m referring to... its just surrounded by buildings and greenery. Awesome sight from my office building :)

This tree is completely bent into the pond... one can actually swing on its trunk. I have the snap me swinging.. but for other reasons i didnt put it here

There are lots and lots of fish in that pond... all sizes and even crabs also... if you make sound crabs run away into the water...the pond is over breed with many fish...because fishing is not allowed :P the fish is seen very clearly.
very neatly arranged stone planks... liked the arrangement very much...

This is my sab se favorite snap... the only dead tree you can find there in that park... it was around 6:30pm when i took this snap... and i didnt apply any effects to it and just came as beautifully as anything :)
god really took care in removing all the leaves and making it live for other nature loving guys to see it even after its death. Like me i guess :P

Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy teachers day

Oh my god!!! I completely forgot... today is teachers day and the birthday of a great president.
He is Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great philosopher. Every year 5th September is celebrated as Teachers Day.

I have couple of favorite teachers from my school.
One of them is Mrs.Daivaleela teacher. She is my favorite. She has encouraged me in all aspects when i was at school. She used to teach us Science subject. I remember the lab experiments she made us do... One of them was showing a frog heart and seeing some bacteria under microscope. I came out with flying colors with her blessings. I used to be the class leader and I had real fun. I had the privilege to sneak into all other mark sheets and find out who got the highest score :P

On teachers day we used to give our teachers off. We used to decorate the staff room with different color papers and flowers. And also write thanking note on the classroom board. They used to be very happy. Also we organized funny games for them. Once I even remember we had a fashion walking on the ramp. It was amazing to watch our strict teachers wear funny attire.
BTW... my school was a girls high school. So it was lot more fun as it was only girls and girls.

After the entire program, secondary high school girls were allowed to monitor the primary school kids. Couple of frens in my class decided to go to 3rd class and play around with them and also act teachers :D
This all happened when I was in 8th class. We asked the kids to dance, sing, recite poems, act funny and enjoy. That day was lovely. We used to monitor every class for only one hour and exchange classes. In that way we gave our teachers complete rest on that day.
It was fun and I cherish all those moments.

Once again Happy Teachers Day!!!!

what makes you happy???

The question looks really dumb...
do you really ask it to yourself??
If someone would ask me, what makes me really happy??
I have a thousand reasons to name... so aint i reasonably lucky??
I guess sometimes we have to ask this and do those that makes us happy

What makes me happy??
  • shopping ( its quite obvious)
  • watching a movie and eating pop corn
  • driving my scooty
  • playing with kids
  • watching a cute baby's innocent smile
  • reading my favorite novel again and again
  • chatting with my best frens
  • watching my rose plants grow
  • watching the sunset while sitting on the terrace and sipping hot chai
  • catching sight of peacocks in the KBR park from my office building( its a good refreshment)
  • Listening to Ilayaraja's songs from my iPod(his music is awesome)
  • watching National Geographic channel(somehow i stick to TV watching this channel for hours)

From my previous post someone suggested me to do things that makes me happy... I realized its more important to make my facial muscles move by just smiling all the time :)
Of course being happy is very important for our day to go good and it would be a perfect beginning.

soooo... what makes you happy????

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tallest Ganesha in hyd

On monday I went with my mom and cousin to see the tallest Ganesha statue in Hyderabad. Every year its put in Khairatabad and till now i never got a chance to visit it. This time I was lucky enough. There was a huge crowd and thank god it wasnt raining at that time. Otherwise it would have been completely mess.
I am attaching some snaps here.

The height of the statue as people said was 48ft.

During this festival times, the ones who benefit most are the road side dwellers and vendors. They put small shops and sell toys, bangles, decoration items, balloons etc. This is just like a small mela and people accept it. I am okay with it as long as you are hard earning for a living in a decent way.
But I saw something worst happening there. In the name of begging, some cruel bastards who wanted to have money earned freely got lepers and fire accident victims to sit on either side of the road and made them beg. It was a horrible sight to watch. Some of the lepers were not bandaged properly and exposed all their wounds. There were also some persons begging with completely burnt out faces. No one was doing anything for them. My mom couldnt see the plight and started feeling nauseated. I had to bring her home. I gave the lemon rice prasadam to poor people there and got back home quickly.
Totally the experience of going to see God was miserable. Have any one saw Traffic signal movie?? It shows too much reality and I actually saw something more horrible.
I feel that this is not the world where everyone can live in harmony. The Darwin rule is re-written here. The stronger survives and rules the supressed who need not be poor. They can be disabled and diseased as well as being poor.
When God has given us good health and wits, we should use it for a better and higher purpose.
I think i have portrayed myself as a weak person by not doing anything for those poor people. i will overcome this guilt by helping in other means.