Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tallest Ganesha in hyd

On monday I went with my mom and cousin to see the tallest Ganesha statue in Hyderabad. Every year its put in Khairatabad and till now i never got a chance to visit it. This time I was lucky enough. There was a huge crowd and thank god it wasnt raining at that time. Otherwise it would have been completely mess.
I am attaching some snaps here.

The height of the statue as people said was 48ft.

During this festival times, the ones who benefit most are the road side dwellers and vendors. They put small shops and sell toys, bangles, decoration items, balloons etc. This is just like a small mela and people accept it. I am okay with it as long as you are hard earning for a living in a decent way.
But I saw something worst happening there. In the name of begging, some cruel bastards who wanted to have money earned freely got lepers and fire accident victims to sit on either side of the road and made them beg. It was a horrible sight to watch. Some of the lepers were not bandaged properly and exposed all their wounds. There were also some persons begging with completely burnt out faces. No one was doing anything for them. My mom couldnt see the plight and started feeling nauseated. I had to bring her home. I gave the lemon rice prasadam to poor people there and got back home quickly.
Totally the experience of going to see God was miserable. Have any one saw Traffic signal movie?? It shows too much reality and I actually saw something more horrible.
I feel that this is not the world where everyone can live in harmony. The Darwin rule is re-written here. The stronger survives and rules the supressed who need not be poor. They can be disabled and diseased as well as being poor.
When God has given us good health and wits, we should use it for a better and higher purpose.
I think i have portrayed myself as a weak person by not doing anything for those poor people. i will overcome this guilt by helping in other means.


vimmuuu said...

When people can invest crores on temples and Gods or even that Ganapati statue, I dont understand how difficult it is for that same people to do some charity for the beggers who are lying outside the very same temples ! Sad state !

Smita said...

Festivals have been commercialised....there just a means to make money, nothing else!!!

sweelie said...

@vimmuuu - ppl pray god to forgive their sins and they continue to do more.

@smita - true smita. Tell me one thing where ppl doesnt think of money in that!!! i reckon there is none.