Wednesday, September 23, 2009

september masti....

Wow... september... i enjoyed a lot during these 20 days. Had enough of masti that I haven't had in few months :)
Everyday I went to Lotus pond after work and enjoyed the mother natures creation.
Last weekend I went to Srisailam trip... which was nothing but awesome.
Also I visited few temples which I haven't seen in Hyderabad. One of them is the Skandagiri temple near PadmaRao Nagar,Secunderabad. Its the most beautiful temple of Subramanya Swamy and Durga devi.
Today I went to Barbeque nation restaurant and had fulto gala time :D

I want to say few things about Srisailam. Its a pilgrimage place where Lord Shiva resides. Its situated in between a dense forest and Krishna river. Actually at that place, Krishna river takes multiple turns and apears very beautiful. People say that Krishna river goddess is the most  proud and arrogant female in the purana's. Thats why I guess its so beautiful with different landscapes it has created during its journey. One should never miss the 80kms ghat road through the jungle. Its complete greenary and there are cotteges in forest as well. Btw the forest is called "Nallamalla forest". Recently our Chief Minister had died there in a helicopter crash.
I am attaching some of the snaps here.

this is the forest... we crossed all those mountains which you see in the snap... its a 80kms stretch... imagine... the largest forest terrain to be crossed... after 8pm vehicles are not allowed on that road...

I caught this beautiful sunset over there in my camera :)
This is the Srisailam dam over Krishna river where power generation happens

this is the view before the dam... with beautiful landscape.
One can plan for this trip over the weekend and enjoy the mother natures creation.

And not least my barbeque nation photograph... Our gang is having lots of fun in my new office. This is one such example for that :)

There was this African festival celebrations. We took part in that. The best part is that they were focusing on that theme completely and kept the mood all through the time. Also they took snaps of each and every table. They presented the copy of that photograph to us. Isnt it great!!! Thats why some of the restaurants are very popular..for their good hospitality :) Clockwise... me, Bindu, Rolee, Ravi and Ratnakar :)

Have a nice time folks!!!


vimmuuu said...

A break like this is always good, na? I wish I had a break every month :D

sweelie said...

yeah... a break is required!!! i am not sure where you dwell but you can plan for the weekend in near by places

Smita said...

The picture is awesome specially the sunset one!!!

And such breaks are so so refreshing i tell you!!!

Gopal said...

sunset photo was awsome... keep rocking!

sweelie said...

Smita... thank you. Even I feel the same about the sunset one :)

Gopal... Thank you for the inspiration :)