Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy teachers day

Oh my god!!! I completely forgot... today is teachers day and the birthday of a great president.
He is Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great philosopher. Every year 5th September is celebrated as Teachers Day.

I have couple of favorite teachers from my school.
One of them is Mrs.Daivaleela teacher. She is my favorite. She has encouraged me in all aspects when i was at school. She used to teach us Science subject. I remember the lab experiments she made us do... One of them was showing a frog heart and seeing some bacteria under microscope. I came out with flying colors with her blessings. I used to be the class leader and I had real fun. I had the privilege to sneak into all other mark sheets and find out who got the highest score :P

On teachers day we used to give our teachers off. We used to decorate the staff room with different color papers and flowers. And also write thanking note on the classroom board. They used to be very happy. Also we organized funny games for them. Once I even remember we had a fashion walking on the ramp. It was amazing to watch our strict teachers wear funny attire.
BTW... my school was a girls high school. So it was lot more fun as it was only girls and girls.

After the entire program, secondary high school girls were allowed to monitor the primary school kids. Couple of frens in my class decided to go to 3rd class and play around with them and also act teachers :D
This all happened when I was in 8th class. We asked the kids to dance, sing, recite poems, act funny and enjoy. That day was lovely. We used to monitor every class for only one hour and exchange classes. In that way we gave our teachers complete rest on that day.
It was fun and I cherish all those moments.

Once again Happy Teachers Day!!!!


vimmuuu said...

How I miss some of my fav teachers now !!! infact there were some of them whom I hated like crazy, but I miss them too now !!

sweelie said...

me too.. i miss my teachers and their scoldings as well...

Anonymous said...

Some sweet memories there :)

Belated wishes :)

sweelie said...

Thanks swaram :)
childhood memories are the best ones till now i think so!!