Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best park pics...

This saturday I went to visit Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas. Its the alma mater of my brother. The 100mile drive to college from Houston was just awesome. I loved the country side of Texas. Here people has huge ranches which includes cattle and horses. I could almost remember all the cow-boys I have seen in the past.
"Shoot at sight for trespassing on the property" is the rule there... pretty scary though...

 Country side texas... every ranch has a small pond...which is really cute...

One of the parks in College. Its very beautiful... parents were having fun with their kids at this place... students were doing their assignments as well... I remembered "The Lawn" in our college. So nostalgic!!!

 The horses symbolize the vision and freedom of the country.

 This pond and park is located near the George Bush Public Library. After seeing this I could say this as synonymous to tranquility.

Another view of the park. Isn't it just great??
If you are in some part of Texas, do visit College Station and you wont regret it at all...

PS: I miss my college... I want my college days back!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Friday Evening

A weekend should bring lot of enthusiasm in me. This time it was totally opposite.
I was sitting in the back seat of the car and trying to catch some photographs of Houston city.
It wasnt that hard to say...

Random click to catch the shadows of trees... well... i got it though...

Sunset was brilliant... capturing while moving in a vehicle was difficult..

I wish this photo was not blurred... :( there were such nice colors at sunset

A lone tree... standing tall... waiting for spring i guess...

Ended up at Sri Swamynarayan temple,Houston. It was good to see such a huge structure in marble. All the carving was done back in India and transported here as 33000 pieces. There is no steel structure inside it.
Every thing is just joined. It was just amazing!!!

The picture right below reminded me of Birla Mandir in Hyderabad.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Boston Museum Of Fine Arts

Boston is a city which is full of history.
For most of the people it reminds of England. Most of the buildings are constructed in the English style.
Its famous for some of  the oldest Churches in America. The street names and building names are all of British style. Its also the place where British first arrived and settled.

Boston's museum of fine arts is one of the finest museums. It took 2 days for us to cover the entire arts museum. Some of the artifacts are amazing. I'll show few of the snaps here.

 MFA building...
 Various harps collected over centuries... they are just beautiful.... i have seen people playing harps only in olden movies.
 This huge statue of pharoh reminded me of "The Mummy" movie. Its carved out in marble and it is magnificent.
 The above  are the boxes which hold mummies in the Egypt. The paintings on the box depict the history of the person dead. Also it conveys a lot about the Egyptian kingdom and its people.

 I just loved this libation bowl made out of gold. It should be easily weighing 100-150grams. Its dated to 7th century BC. Its just beautiful. Click on the picture to know about the history of the bowl.

 The above statue is made of marble and its the story about a prostitute.

The black granite sculpture is a very famous one describing the massacre.

 I m not sure of the importance of the above artifact. But its a beak holding the moon.

This belongs to the modern art. Its the cow made from the scrap iron wire. If you carefully observe, one of is leg is missing. Its strange though.
 Thats it for the museum. There are about 1000 pics that we took in the arts museum in two days. I couldnt accommodate all of them though. I will try to cover some of the other significant ones in the next post.
But for now...the above ones should be enough to give an idea of the museum :)

PS: If you are living somewhere near to Boston, visit the museum for sure. Its a nice place for art lovers.


Things that kept me occupied

Its been almost 3 months I have been here in Amreeka.
I have witnessed extreme cold weather compared to India while I was in Boston.
Saw snow for the first time in my life. It was a great experience though. I have shared few pictures in my previous post. They can be seen here

Because of snow I had to stick to home most of the time. My husband introduced me to anime shows for which he is a great fan.One of it is Avatar-The Last Airbender. He is here :P
 Aang is the protagonist... somehow in all the anime shows.. the hero is dumb and stupid. At the end he is the one who can only defeat the enemy.
 A must watch show for kids and elders as well. I loved Aang throughout the series. Infact I was dreaming about him also.... hehehee

The next anime show that kept me busy is Naruto. The Japanese shows have all the elements embed in it... like love, hate, fights and magic. These stories have unusual creatures with a weird imagination. Thats what I like about these stories.
Naruto is still an ongoing tv series. Staying tuned for more and more of adventure.As usual in this story, the protagonist is dumb and stupid. The amazing part of about him is that he gives on the fly solutions and saves himself and everyone. Isn't it fun to watch such shows. I m loving it.

If you really have some free time and want to have fun... go ahead and watch these two shows.
The negative thing about this show is that its very addictive. One cannot stop watching it at all.
I had to bear fierce looks from my husband when I told him that Naruto was in my dreams.
Heheheee... it happens and cant be helped if something is sooo good.

Have fun folks... I will write later something new.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


 This photo was taken while going to New York from Boston. I loved the colors in this pics and the sunrays popping out slowly.

This is taken a little after the first one. The bright orange and yellow color of sun is simply awesome.
For more pictures of skywatch... look at Skywatch