Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have never known what I wanted...
I have never understood what I had...

See your thoughts i am there.
Chase your thoughts i am there.
Widen your thoughts i am there.
Stupid its your conscience there... no other

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Birthday is the time of thanking God
For making your life beautiful...
Do you remember me on that day
Who made your day more beautiful...
This is jus a feeling when i miss my frens birthday this year.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


10 Jun 2006 : Got plenty of time in the weekend to do everything. I came to office on saturday for doing some work as well as timepass. Anu also came to office and we were trying to debug some issues. I sometimes feel I am at the right place of work. Realtime work is always good.
But again I feel its all boring sometimes.
I desperately wanted to watch Godavari movie. Went around Imax to get tickets but in vein. So decided to spend time at home with my mom. Later on sunday I decided that I will watch the movie at any cost. Hmm.. did it by getting the tickets in black. I feel sometimes doing wrong things is also good....
My feelings towards movie are such that I cant explain. The movie is sooo good!!!!!!!!! Really I feel the director Shekar Kammula has done immense work for that. The beauty of Godavari river is shown in a splendid way. I mean it ya!!! Now I feel only one thing is remaining in my life, going from Rajamundry to Bhadrachalam in a steamer enjoying each and every moment.
God!!! please gimme a chance.... jus once....

This week I decided to read something daily... atleast a novel. So started reading the novel....
"To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee" .
Gosh!!! Its so good... I am jus in the middle of it. The author's way of putting things and feelings and etc..... man its too good!!!
I can tell more abt the novel only when I complete it. So jus waiting for it!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beautiful days of life.....

Fifteen years before there were days when people really got time to talk to their neighbours. Discuss abt their happenings, relatives, kids and most important gossip. But I cant imagine a situation now where people doesnt know who their neighbours are... and wats going arnd them.
In those days the saas-bahu serial type funda was not evolved and I remember people watching Ramayana and Mahabharata very interestingly. Today people dont even remember the correct story. I am jus expressing my views related to watever I saw. The case may be different with some people.
When I was a kid I used to eagerly wait for sunday telugu news paper. It does have a supplementary book, where telugu cross-word puzzle comes. I used to run to my cousins and uncles to find the exact telugu words. Now when I open it and try to match it , I dont remember most of the words in telugu. Its so bad. Sometimes I wonder how the future generation kids will be. Will they ever know the importance of mother tongue?? Why do parents insist on???
I dont know now. Atleast I cant question them now.
Well I will continue more abt those beautiful later....

06-06-06 Good day!!!

Today is my manager birthday. He is bit sceptical abt celebrating his birthday.
Hez got his own notions n stuff...
today canary base build is completed in jus 2 hrs!!!! I was bit shocked ;-)
and Anu's status manager things are going pretty ok....i mean PRETTY ok!!!!
So I can contradict newspapers saying that its a devils day :)

Birla mandir.... Amazing

June 3 2006 : Atlast i found some time to go out in the evening. I have decided to go to Birla mandir in the clouds of hyderabad. I jus started from home and it started raining. Reached there by 7 pm.
Gosh!!! I was amazed to see the beauty of birla mandir in those moon-light color lamps... drizzling rain....people in a hurry to rush into temple....
I jus heard people discussing that Birla mandir Balaji got more serenity than Tirupati Balaji. Really I was jus thinking for a moment how true it is today!!!
I was amazed to see the carvings on marble... the minute curves... i really salute the guys who have done that!!!
later i was standing in the long line in the rain.... some people who were in hurry and some people who really doesnt have sense were jus pushing people and moving forward.
While standing in the line I was looking at tank bund...Buddha statue....the flyovers....the vehicles....necklace road. Really had a good view of hyd city from that place. I was continuously telling my mom abt the surrounding places.
After standing for one hr in rain I have seen Balaji. I have noticed some interesting things in the temple.... like people are not allowed to bring coconut into the temple...not bringing flowers and stuff. Thats why I bet the temple is soo clean and tidy.
After darshan we ( my mom, my sis and me) started back.
Reached home around 9:30.
Had really good time at the temple... infact a diff one.