Friday, August 30, 2013

Percy Jackson series

After a long time I found some time to read few books. I have asked my colleagues for some suggestion as I haven't really kept touch with what books are released and which are worth reading. She mentioned to me about Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I asked her if they are similar to Harry Potter series. She replied, not really and I thought of giving it a try.
Here is the cover page of the first book of Percy Jackson. Btw there are 5 books altogether like 7 of Harry Potter.

The title for the first book is "The lightning thief". It really caught my interest and started reading it. Initial few pages of the book felt boring to me, maybe because I was comparing it to Harry Potter. He was the Protagonist in there, his mother died and he has a favorite teacher. His best friends are a boy and girl. It was going on the same lines. I was frustrated as to how all the childrens books should go in the same way. But something was there in this book which I wanted to know from a long time - Greek mythology. I like those Gods and their stories. That was fascinating about the books.

The language is pretty simple in these books and children from ages 7-14 can read  these books. I would want kids in my family to read these stories and keep the reading habit alive. Otherwise in this electronic world, reading books is fading fast enough.