Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fire Safety

Off late there were many fire accidents. One of them being fire on 1st August 2008 Secunderabad-Goutami express.
One should really know how to handle fire accidents.
Should know what are the precautions that need to be taken.
People....please make an effort to learn some precautionary measures.
Its very important... you can save not only your life... but of people who are struck in fire.
Well... I thought its my duty to educate with some basic measures which I have learnt through a fire drill at my office.

Preferences to victims are to be given in this order:
1. Pregnant ladies and children
2. Physically handicapped people
3. Old people and ladies
4. Men

1. Whenever you are caught in fire with smoke around... plz cover your mouth,nose and run downstairs or run outside away from the smoke direction. Smoke always goes up and we better walk by kneeling on the ground. This act would save us from suffocation. Many people in Goutami express died of suffocation. Thats the first safety we can take.

2. If you see any person caught in fire, go to that person from behind and cover them with blanket or thick bedsheet and roll them on the plane ground. Pour cold water if its available. Please dont approach the person from front... the person would be in shock and can catch hold of you out of fear.

There is no guarantee for life these days. With bombs, fire accidents, road accidents, flyovers collapsing etc... with these kind of incidents LIFE has lost its guarantee. And better be insured :). You never know if you would return home safely or not. But we can always take precautions and learn to help others whenever needed.

Its even worst that we cant say goodbye to our dear ones in adverse conditions. So lets live happily in the present moment. Make family, friends happy and live in their hearts forever and ever.......
I would just like to say "LIVE IN THE PRESENT!!!!!!!" You never know what happens in the next moment.

Into the Wild

Its a spellbinding movie.
I was just shivering and tears in my eyes at the end of the movie. I also felt very weak at the end of the movie. I wanted to go and save him.
I loved the guy Chris in this movie.... the character especially.
The narration... his journey... beautiful places... makes the movie a master piece...
I didnt want him to die at the end of the movie...

Its a realy story which happened in 90s. Sean penn took lot of effort to direct this movie and he deserves a round applause from us. Its taken from the book "Into the wild". I would read it whenever i get time. But cant forget this movie all my life. It also gives inspiration to live a better life and truthful one. Material things are also very materialistic... it doesnt lead anywhere other than a great social circle. maybe we need to understand wat do we want to do in this so called beautiful life given by god.
i dont have answers to any of the questions posed by my inner self. But i will make effort to find them one day!!!!

Verdict of movie: Worth watching