Friday, October 05, 2007

one of the best snaps :)

Trees... savoiurs of life!!!!

On of the worst things I have noticed in the recent days:
Near cyber towers on the name of road widening process, recently they have cut down a number of trees(baap ka maal samajh rakha hain kya??!!???)... First of all there are no trees in hyd. Very rarely you find them on roadside. On top of it pollution is another big problem. When you cant plant trees atleast dont cut them... For gods sake leave them and protect them!!!!
Also for construction of four lane roads on NH7, they have cut hundreds of trees... once a beautiful way for my hometown has become a desert like. For some hundreds of meters you will not even find a single tree on the road side.
Construction for development and destruction of plant life has become a motto now. God help those people!!!! Okay. you have cut down the trees... but are you taking any measures to plant a small tree on that roadside. Nope... nevertheless its not my business is what govt officials think...

On the other side of this story... I have found one good thing near checkpost. Instead of cutting trees... they left them as it is... and made road on either side of it.. Thats so sensible. WHY cant government think like that!!!!!

Means of transportation in Hyd :)

Just going to write how difficult commutation has become in Hyderabad city. Most of the software professionals work in Hi-tech city. My house is in Begumpet. If I start at 9am in the morning, I reach around 11. Even though I start at 8:30 I reach at the same time. Traffic jam starts from Pantaloons and its so horrible... people dont even care for pedestrians(one of them being me sometimes). Everyone is in a hurry to reach the other end.
Sometimes I opt for car pooling with my colleagues. Well coming to the point of my journey... I cover all means of transportation for just 13kms.
CAR... BUS...AUTO...BIKE...WALKING. sometimes I also cover train. It includes all those other means again. Dammit... didnt know that life could be so horrible in hyderabad in these days... On top of it... road widening... flyover construction and collapsing... manholes open on the main road... Municipality water works... These things are making life miserable in hyd. The number of accidents in the recent days also increased to a considerable amount!!!! :(
First of all stress levels of working professionals are high... if anyone comes in this traffic... they increase to their peak point... I dont even feel like working when I am in that condition.

Can we do something do this traffic congestion at different places? Sometimes I feel there should be a direct flyover from begumpet till hitech city... but again there will be traffic jam on it hehehee :D
And we will enter world records for TRAFFIC JAM ON LONGEST FLYOVER... heheheheeee
Or there should be some port key like in harry potter... where you just hold it and the next moment you are in office!!!!!!! Wow... wouldnt that be good if this idea works out :P
Or there should be some airbus/aircar facility... where you fly in air by car/bus and reach office directly.... but one more problem may arise here.... traffic jam in the sky....heheheee
I am being crazy now.... let me wind up here... Being a part of traffic jam and to vent my feelings I just put my words here....:)