Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lessons learnt

Currently I am working for a start up company.
A start up company gives lot of exposure to technology and values of life.

There are so many learnings involved while working with a small group. These become part and parcel of our life. I have realized that they are very important and adds much to your character and gives strength in future for any activity.

I wouldnt say I am perfect in all the aspects. I have got my own short comings and still have to improve on them. I would like to share my learnings here...

1. Being part of small group is like living in a family under the guidance and protection of managers.
2. Communication between peers and managers is vital. Otherwise things will be screwed up very badly...(personal experience baap!!!)
3. Never assume anything for yourself and never take anything for granted. Question every answer you got and question any question you have... thats the thumb rule.
4. You learn responsibility here... not that we dont know about it... but in a different fashion. Taking ownership and being the sole identity of a single module... you will be the king and queen for that kingdom kind :P
5. Never get personal things into official work. It screws your image infront of others and relationships with frens would be spoiled.
6. Lot of scope for personal and professional development. New technologies and learnings will be added to our bucket everyday. Its upto us how we use them.
7. Definitely one will learn how to work on the timelines and faster completion of work. Also will know how to complete day-to-day activities.
8.Never allow your ego to come in between in work. Listen to others and then proceed to work. 

On a lighter note.... those were all my learnings and they are gonna still increase in the future. I think most of them will be followed in every company as such. But still our company is unique.
We work... and We celebrate and We are trying to make a difference.

PS: writing this post made me feel good.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

random thoughts in a minute

why am i even considering to write this post??

market is going down... whats wrong with economy?? will it recover.

did i update my twitter? aahh... yes... just now i wrote one tweet

protocol buffers is interesting... made me think a lot about how i shud write my code compatible to it and never forget writing proto files

my stupid fren is going to office at 4pm?? he has such a good manager

i see many of my ex-company guys coming to my company... will i see a subset of my ex-company here again?? i dont want god... i want to see new faces here :P selfish thought

why am i even writing all these?? crazy...

right now i was twisting the pearl ring around my finger...bad habit... donno when i will quit it :(

todays lunch has horrible and i wasted enough sufficient for another person...

i gotta read about open-social now...

bye...(still twisting the ring around my finger)

PS: thats what i thought in the minute i thought of writing. women!!! huh... multitasking and random thoughts...

Monday, October 19, 2009


As it was weekend, on Friday I saw an old movie "The ten commandments".
Its an awesome movie. No doubt about it.

On saturday afternoon I saw the movie "HellBoy" while having lunch.
Its also another good movie. Somehow I liked that weird character.

Now comes the interesting part. After having nice and yummy lunch prepared by mother, I slept and started dreaming.
Moses came in my dreams...Remember... Bible... Moses...The protaganist in "the ten commandments" movie.
He said, "You have sinned by telling lies and not doing tasks given by your mother and father, Deeps".
I said, "Is it?? I know that. And isnt it quite human??"
We both were looking at each other for sometime.
My inner self thought, Is he testing me and reading my thoughts?? Let my brain be blank for sometime.

After exchanging some looks, I said, " OKAY. I was wrong. Isnt it impossible to live a life without telling lies??"
Moses,"You saw my movie and after that you are talking like this?? How dare you??"
OOps... I didnt mean to make him angry though...

Then came HellBoy. I knew I love him fighting monsters and killing them.
I asked him slowly giving him a chocobar,"can i join your army?? I am a diehard fan of your stunts and I swear I will not stare at your horns and tail!!"
HellBoy," Kid!!!"
I thought, " kid huh!!! how insulting!!"
I, " Ok.. go on"
HellBoy," I cant take you, enough members on my crew. And I like doing my job alone!!!"
I,"You have actually rejected me!!! How rude...get lost and go to hell"
HellBoy," Kid, you actually donno what hell is like!!!"
I have all the surprise,shock looks on my face with my eyes rolling!!!

Then I heard my mom calling me to have tea. Got up to see that hot tea is being served..
So that was the effect of watching weird movies. After that I took the resolution of not watching TV and not starting my computer.
I was successful at one(didnt start my computer) but definitely I couldnt resist watching TV.
After 4 hours of struggling I started watching TV again :D

Saw "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" movie and "Armageddon" in Star movies.
Good lord save me from this movie-dream-mania!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Blog tease

hmm... My frens gang at office came to know that I write a blog and update most of the time about lotus pond.
Now this is the reason for teasing me... how??? let me explain...
the other day I was standing on the terrace of my office and sipping coffee. Suddenly I noticed that there is a tall ladder with orange color spots on it. I took a closer look at it and realized that its fungus.
Then the hungama started....
Rolee.. " I know you are gonna write about it in your next post... take a pic"
Rats..." cool... so you got one more object to cook up with!!!"
Ravi and Bindu..." Common...deepthi woh bhi likhthi hain!!!"

Whenever I say," wow.... great location and amazing thing!!"... my frens are always ready for pulling my leg and have few gags there :)
tell you frankly... I enjoy that... I like laughing and making masti with them... thats how my evenings at office are going with.

While I was enjoying all this blogging tease... I got some brilliant idea of bloggers meet.
Firstly I would like to meet Smita and Vimal.... to give them some good surprises.

To Smita... a kg of pure ghee sweets from Pulla Reddy Sweets house(quite famous in Hyderabad).... just to motivate her to eat them and think of aerobics and gym classes and write more funny posts happening there  and along the way :D

To Vimal... a recipe book with all the south indian varieties of dishes... and help him become the best JKG...and get appreciated by you know who!!! :D
Donno when it will be fulfilled!!! :(

Today I took few beautiful snaps at my office. Have a look at them :)
This is the one with reflection of tree in water and it turned out to be complete mirror image :)

 This is the one with sunset in water... I couldnt see the sun above the sky... but could see it easily in water :D

Have a nice weekend folks!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

hmm... both the phrases are movie names. They are pretty good movies.

All through the movie, I didnt get bored at any point of time. The conversation that the actors have is very interesting and natural. Its not like they took any effort to say them. I am not sure if they would have rehearsed anything at all.

The sequel is interesting for some reason. At the ending it makes you think whether you are optimist or pessimist or neutral when judging any situation.

Worth watching them. I became a fan of Ethan Hawke after watching those movies. He is quite natural and talented.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Getting used to...

We, Indians are very famous for it. We get used to things very easily.
Let it be anything... we take it for granted and move on. Most of the time we dont give a serious thought about why its happening and how can we control it or eliminate it.

Few examples are right in front of us.
1. Terrorist attacks.
2. Swine flu
3. Train accidents.
4. Communal clashes
5. Corruption.

Well this thought came to me when I was watching this movie called "A Wednesday". I know... I am very late in watching that movie. But I did. I realized that few things said in that movie are very correct. Especially about our system and society.

Let me talk about some current scenario. Swine flu. Because of Swine flu so many people are dying. Initially there was much hype about that flu. People were frantically talking about it and trying to take precautions. Now... its a common word.
Swine flu?? its already there... kya kare??
Thats what people say. Even though the death toll is increasing everyday, we are not able to help it.

Terrorist attacks... the most common thing in the Indian History. I have been hearing them since childhood. Did anything happen to prevent them?? People are again used to them. Especially in Mumbai life doesnt stop after any incident... let it be rains, floods, terrorist attacks, train accidents.

Sometimes i dont understand if "taking easy and granted" is written in Indians fate. We were ruled over by britishers for centuries together and didnt do anything good over there untill some greatest persons in the history were born. Even now are we waiting for someone else to come and change us?? Liberate us from the agony of terrorism and corruption??

I am really not sure what we think everyday when we get up and go out...but one should be much more responsible and truthful to make a better society. Corruption is one such horrible thing. I regret to say that my dad pays enough money to Government officers to get his work done. Many times i asked him to stop the work and complain agaisnt them. He is definitely tied up as there are many people who can take revenge for such acts of bravery. I sometimes feel that some of the youngers are more eager to earn money in less time by following wrong tracks. Thats what is happening in government departments. Lesser salary and more wants and means to earn money. A simple clerk takes Rs.2000 to print a government document with seal in a revenue department. Isnt it horrible??
Not sure where its gonna lead...and when will the mindset of people change.
Jaago jantha jaago!!! We want to see India as a developed nation in the world without terrorism and corruption in its belly!!! Lets strive for it....

Friday, October 02, 2009

When I turned nine

Its a movie name... the title is the movie name...
its a korean movie adapted from a best selling korean novel.
And its awesome... Its about a 9 year old boy who totally loves his mother and can do anything for her. And also its about the love of his life. A very cute girl who hates him initially and later likes him alot. And its mutual :)

The movie is very very touching and I cried buckets while watching it.
Its a movie worth watching. I watched it with subtitles in english and audio in Korean language and its a different experience. I would only understand that "kumao" means Thanks and "aye" means yes,Sir.
The acting skills of the kids is awesome. It shows the immense politeness and manners taught to kids in house and school. Watch it whenever you get time.
One such good korean movie is "My Sassy girl". Its also very very good.

Have a nice long weekend :)