Thursday, October 08, 2009

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

hmm... both the phrases are movie names. They are pretty good movies.

All through the movie, I didnt get bored at any point of time. The conversation that the actors have is very interesting and natural. Its not like they took any effort to say them. I am not sure if they would have rehearsed anything at all.

The sequel is interesting for some reason. At the ending it makes you think whether you are optimist or pessimist or neutral when judging any situation.

Worth watching them. I became a fan of Ethan Hawke after watching those movies. He is quite natural and talented.


vimmuuu said...

Havnt seen any of these ! :(

sweelie said...

hmm... rated as one of the best romantic movies... maybe its time for you to see them with your gf :)

Narendra Naramala said...

these are really good..julie delpy is awesome....they both are so spontaneous..

sweelie said...

Narendra... true :)