Friday, October 09, 2009

Blog tease

hmm... My frens gang at office came to know that I write a blog and update most of the time about lotus pond.
Now this is the reason for teasing me... how??? let me explain...
the other day I was standing on the terrace of my office and sipping coffee. Suddenly I noticed that there is a tall ladder with orange color spots on it. I took a closer look at it and realized that its fungus.
Then the hungama started....
Rolee.. " I know you are gonna write about it in your next post... take a pic"
Rats..." cool... so you got one more object to cook up with!!!"
Ravi and Bindu..." Common...deepthi woh bhi likhthi hain!!!"

Whenever I say," wow.... great location and amazing thing!!"... my frens are always ready for pulling my leg and have few gags there :)
tell you frankly... I enjoy that... I like laughing and making masti with them... thats how my evenings at office are going with.

While I was enjoying all this blogging tease... I got some brilliant idea of bloggers meet.
Firstly I would like to meet Smita and Vimal.... to give them some good surprises.

To Smita... a kg of pure ghee sweets from Pulla Reddy Sweets house(quite famous in Hyderabad).... just to motivate her to eat them and think of aerobics and gym classes and write more funny posts happening there  and along the way :D

To Vimal... a recipe book with all the south indian varieties of dishes... and help him become the best JKG...and get appreciated by you know who!!! :D
Donno when it will be fulfilled!!! :(

Today I took few beautiful snaps at my office. Have a look at them :)
This is the one with reflection of tree in water and it turned out to be complete mirror image :)

 This is the one with sunset in water... I couldnt see the sun above the sky... but could see it easily in water :D

Have a nice weekend folks!!!


vimmuuu said...

OMG !!!! you want to meet me to give a cookery book??? :D :D :D :D You could give that to Smita as well!! Let her hubby have some tasty food for a change !! :D :D :D

Btw, where are u put up ?

Smita said...

Awww!!! So sweet of you!!! BTW I don't like sweets at all but I will surely take some from you and pass on to this idiot who needs some sweetness in life :D ;-)

You know this used to happen with me as well, i.e. ppl prompting me with "so u will blog about it" :D

sweelie said...

Smita.. you know what actually i thought..."you are angry that i wrote abt sweets and aerobics motivation...thats why u didnt comment in my post :( "

Vimal... I am in hyderabad :) First I will present it to you...then I will think of something better for Smita :)

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