Monday, October 19, 2009


As it was weekend, on Friday I saw an old movie "The ten commandments".
Its an awesome movie. No doubt about it.

On saturday afternoon I saw the movie "HellBoy" while having lunch.
Its also another good movie. Somehow I liked that weird character.

Now comes the interesting part. After having nice and yummy lunch prepared by mother, I slept and started dreaming.
Moses came in my dreams...Remember... Bible... Moses...The protaganist in "the ten commandments" movie.
He said, "You have sinned by telling lies and not doing tasks given by your mother and father, Deeps".
I said, "Is it?? I know that. And isnt it quite human??"
We both were looking at each other for sometime.
My inner self thought, Is he testing me and reading my thoughts?? Let my brain be blank for sometime.

After exchanging some looks, I said, " OKAY. I was wrong. Isnt it impossible to live a life without telling lies??"
Moses,"You saw my movie and after that you are talking like this?? How dare you??"
OOps... I didnt mean to make him angry though...

Then came HellBoy. I knew I love him fighting monsters and killing them.
I asked him slowly giving him a chocobar,"can i join your army?? I am a diehard fan of your stunts and I swear I will not stare at your horns and tail!!"
HellBoy," Kid!!!"
I thought, " kid huh!!! how insulting!!"
I, " Ok.. go on"
HellBoy," I cant take you, enough members on my crew. And I like doing my job alone!!!"
I,"You have actually rejected me!!! How rude...get lost and go to hell"
HellBoy," Kid, you actually donno what hell is like!!!"
I have all the surprise,shock looks on my face with my eyes rolling!!!

Then I heard my mom calling me to have tea. Got up to see that hot tea is being served..
So that was the effect of watching weird movies. After that I took the resolution of not watching TV and not starting my computer.
I was successful at one(didnt start my computer) but definitely I couldnt resist watching TV.
After 4 hours of struggling I started watching TV again :D

Saw "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" movie and "Armageddon" in Star movies.
Good lord save me from this movie-dream-mania!!!


Satheesh said...

No comments :)

vimmuuu said...

See, this is why I watch only desi movies ! you dont get such dreams !!! :D :D :D

sweelie said...

satheesh... i know you know abt me better than me regarding movies!!! :( so definitely no comments!!!

Vimmuuu... well... I will try to stick to desi movies if some movies are really made good!!! I wish our bolly/tolly/kolly-word directors good luck.

kanagu said...

ha ha ha... movie dreams never came to me...

even dreams are so rare to me... seems like you are too much involved in the film ;)

Smita said...


I used to get such dreams earlier but not now :d

But yes I agree with Vimmuuu :D

sweelie said...

Kanagu... thats interesting!!! You dont dream in sleep or you never dream as such??
just kidding... I will have to cut down me watching movies

Smita... maybe i need to grow up :P
Options are less in desi movies you know... very less made with the usual routine stories... let me try to stick to them :)

MightyMagic said...

Quite interesting!!!