Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Getting used to...

We, Indians are very famous for it. We get used to things very easily.
Let it be anything... we take it for granted and move on. Most of the time we dont give a serious thought about why its happening and how can we control it or eliminate it.

Few examples are right in front of us.
1. Terrorist attacks.
2. Swine flu
3. Train accidents.
4. Communal clashes
5. Corruption.

Well this thought came to me when I was watching this movie called "A Wednesday". I know... I am very late in watching that movie. But I did. I realized that few things said in that movie are very correct. Especially about our system and society.

Let me talk about some current scenario. Swine flu. Because of Swine flu so many people are dying. Initially there was much hype about that flu. People were frantically talking about it and trying to take precautions. Now... its a common word.
Swine flu?? its already there... kya kare??
Thats what people say. Even though the death toll is increasing everyday, we are not able to help it.

Terrorist attacks... the most common thing in the Indian History. I have been hearing them since childhood. Did anything happen to prevent them?? People are again used to them. Especially in Mumbai life doesnt stop after any incident... let it be rains, floods, terrorist attacks, train accidents.

Sometimes i dont understand if "taking easy and granted" is written in Indians fate. We were ruled over by britishers for centuries together and didnt do anything good over there untill some greatest persons in the history were born. Even now are we waiting for someone else to come and change us?? Liberate us from the agony of terrorism and corruption??

I am really not sure what we think everyday when we get up and go out...but one should be much more responsible and truthful to make a better society. Corruption is one such horrible thing. I regret to say that my dad pays enough money to Government officers to get his work done. Many times i asked him to stop the work and complain agaisnt them. He is definitely tied up as there are many people who can take revenge for such acts of bravery. I sometimes feel that some of the youngers are more eager to earn money in less time by following wrong tracks. Thats what is happening in government departments. Lesser salary and more wants and means to earn money. A simple clerk takes Rs.2000 to print a government document with seal in a revenue department. Isnt it horrible??
Not sure where its gonna lead...and when will the mindset of people change.
Jaago jantha jaago!!! We want to see India as a developed nation in the world without terrorism and corruption in its belly!!! Lets strive for it....

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MightyMagic said...

On a lighter note:)

Terrorist attacks:Increases patriotic feeling among citizens!!!

Swine flu: All the swines need to be hanged.No more swines no more flu.

Train accidents: Probably allows the system to get rid of old trains.

Communal clashes: Helps the people to move towards God. I mean after clashes and killings:)

Corruption: Why to give salaries to Govt employees when they can juss do better with corruption!!!