Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A small get-to

Last week I went to Saritha's(my ex-lead) house along with two other friends Rekha and Lakshmi.
I had lot of fun there with kids around me who were almost hyper-active.

I am gonna add here some of the shots of those kids.

This is sahiti... and its how she cries. You never wanna be near her when she cries.
Maybe when she was born she swallowed a loud speaker or something. And she is big chatter-box.

This is Gayathri. The most inquisitive girl I have ever seen. She is interested in learning everything and she talks very sweet. She is pretty smart which is quite obv as she is leads daughter :P

This is my lead with her kids. She is a very good lady and almost looks like a neighbor aunty and not a lead :P
Observe the picture carefully... one can find multiplication tables and telugu aksharala chart.
Everytime I go to her house, I see that pic and feel happy for knowing such a beautiful language like telugu :D

Last but not the least...this is ME who had the most gala time in their house.
I cherish all those wonderful moments.


The post title sounds very stupid... but when i was about to sleep yesterday i got this funny idea... let me write about it...

I am on vacation and went to some place out of blue. And I am very hungry.
The next moment I see a message in my mobile showing the nearest pizza huts, McD and restaurants. The expression on my face changes like

And now the chain of thoughts starts... what if i am going to office and listening to songs in my car with either my phone/iPod attached to my player. The next thing I realize is that my favorite song is missing in the playlist.
Damn it!!!
Yes folks!! you got it right... the next thing I see on my mobile is my favorite song downloaded and sent to me asking me to play it!!!!!!!!
The same expression on my face again....

Hows it done?????????!!!!!!!!!????
With the recent nano technology and the next generation micro nano, super nano, super duper nano and nano nano technologies coming up its not that complicated i guess..
Recently I saw an article in interet where one can capture the frequency of thoughts and the type of thoughts that arise from a human brain. How interesting!!!!!!!
So what you have to do is wear a cap on your head which is made up of hundreds of sensors and converts ur thoughts and sends it to your mobile.
The mobile application does the request given and surprises the user.

Ofcourse the requests should be valid and should not bombard the application with a number of useless thoughts and make it go crazy!!!

Maybe right now I have gone crazy. I stopped my work and wrote this article. One can appreciate my typing skills here becoz I wrote it damn fast... it should be around 50wpm :D
Getting back to work... Learn JAVA, write JAVA code....Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: All the thoughts written here are purely mine. Definitely u dont get to blame anyone for my thoughts :D

Sunday, June 28, 2009


There was this childhood rhyme
Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Little Arthur wants to play.[2]
I remembered this song coz there are no rains at all... how can i even sing it!!!
I want rains in hyderabad. Its so bloody hot here!!!

"Rain rain please come
rain god please hear
its really really hot here
and quickly pour down here"

Why are monsoons behaving weird every year?? I dont understand... but people really want some relief...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Its been one week I left my old company and now its the turn of others to go from there.
My heart still longs for that place... which I miss the most. All my best buddies being there...
I feel like someone has stabbed in my heart with the thought that I would be no longer seeing them. Their presence is lost, words and actions.
I miss my team the most and my carrom gang.
I guess its all part of life.
Accept it and move ahead.

Frens, Good luck to all of you!!! I wish our roads cross again in our lifetime.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


During summer I didnt use my scooty and was travelling by bus.
Now I commute by my scooty enjoying the wind.
Ofcourse u will ask me about traffic and all that...
very true... traffic is the most horrible problem in hyderabad and the main thing being most of them are bulls!!!!!!!
I mean most of them dont care if the traffic signal is red or orange or green.
And most of the time I end up waiting at the signal till it becomes green and others get past away from me. Few of them honk so badly, I feel like shouting at them very loudly.

The best part of my journey is the stretch between Srinagar colony and Madhapur. The roads are pretty wide and one can drive aaraam se :D
The other day I was going home a bit early... a young lady wearing a short kurtha and pant stopped me near traffic signal.
"mam... can you plz give me lift?"
I was startled... becoz the way some scenes are shown in movies and TV were immediately on my mind... She might be a thief... some pros worker... etc etc
I looked at that girl once again... she looked pretty decent and poor.
And the best part being... she asked me lift in front of a police station... so she must be innocent :)
I stopped my scooty and asked her to sit behind.
she had to go to MLAs colony which I didnt know. I dropped her near jubilee hills check post.
She was very grateful and I am happy for being helpful.

The main idea behind writing this lift scene was... Help people... help needy... save petrol...
If u drive a 4-5 seater, 5Lakh car individually and all by yourself, u definitely get the comfort and happiness... but you are wasting enough petrol... implement the idea of car pooling.
Drop few colleagues on your way. You will get to know people and social network will increase.
You would be saving our country, world and natural resources. You will have a sense of responsibility and satisfaction. If your timings dont match, dont worry... send out a mail in your team asking if anyone is still around and take them with you!!!

I have already started it just by having two wheeler and hope you guys would definitely think about it!!!! I drop my sister everyday morning and give lift to my colleagues.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recession effect

Gosh!! Its been long time I have updated my blog. Till today its exactly one month I have updated my blog... Well lot of things are going on... like laying off in Motorola and I am impacted.
I have joined a start up company and i didnt feel like writing anything with bad mood.
Now... I am back to my form and will update my blog regularly

Wish me good luck in my new company!!!