Friday, July 30, 2010

nature at its best - part 2

In my last post "nature at its best" , I have posted some pictures. Here are few more pics...

 Its my "I am the Queen" photo fose!! I m a duck.... :D
Cute cub with its mom... the other cub is not interested...
White tigers...
Purple beauty...
White beauties...

PS: All these snaps are taken in Bannerghatta National Park at Bangalore. For more information visit wiki link of park .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

nature at its best...

After long time I took some snaps with my camera. The awesome weather and national park at Bangalore helped me in taking few awesome pics...
Here they are...
A cactus flower
Another one... "touch me not" plant flower
another one...the peacock dancing
 another one...pinky lotus
another one...  lillies

Will upload few more later....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I m loving...

New blog template!!!! The rain drops in the background like on a window pane and the cozy color is what I am loving.
Hyderabad!!! What else we love other than being at home and eating mom made yummy dishes and watching TV.
Thats it for now!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

July month movies

Friends kept saying that VEDAM is a good movie. I couldnt believe them until I saw it. The thing is that I postponed watching it. Telugu movie world has lost it meaning these days and most of them made are commercial ones. In the end everyone wants to make money. But there are some directors and story tellers, for whom money is not a concern. They are message oriented and give audience a sense of satisfaction. When a person walks out of the theater after watching the movie, he is satisfied. One such movie is VEDAM.

Its based out of an individual we see in every day life. A poor handloom worker, a spoiled brat, a slum kid, a prostitute etc has their own story in this movie. All of them working hard for money. Who has the guts to show such things and still expect audience to watch it!!! I loved the movie and shed tears in the end.
Its one of the good telugu movie worth watching.

Got time to watch another serious telugu movie as well. Its PRASTHANAM. It was released long time back. But somehow I hate politics and faction. Killing own siblings for some bloody position, to satisfy ego, to be in power, to prove someone of their strength is horrible. The movie is all about it.
This movie can be seen once. If anyone has liked Rajneeti, Gulaal and other bihari political movies will love this.

PS:: Both the movies are little serious type. Worth watching for telugu audience.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Have guts to say straight??

Many girls stay away from home these days living in a hostel. Its because some of them want to be either independent or their working conditions make them do so. There is a notion that many of the girls who live in hostel have boyfriends and come home at weird timings.
For the past few days I have been observing few girls in my hostel. For some of them, having a boy in their life is a prestige issue. For others its a mere timepass. For some others its a life related issue. Based on these criteria things change in the girls life.
Here we are considering the case of a girl(in my hostel) who is serious about the relationship with the guy. Now the life of a girl totally depends on the character of the guy if the girl is studious and calm. At times the couple may seem to be perfect like in mills&boons stories. The attitude of the guy is seen when he is either drunk or possessive about the girl or in some fight. If the guy is acting frenzy and driving the girl mad, its better to end the relation. I saw our girl shivering and crying loads in these situations. Why should she cope with such a boyfriend when she can be happy being single?

Isn't this some kind of abuse? He is always screaming and shouting at her. She's awake mostly during the night attending phone calls and trying to convince the fellow of correct reasons. There is no need for her to tolerate such a violent person. The main reason why physical/verbal abuse is so common in our country is because of our tolerant levels. We have the greatest ability to forgive man and still live with that beast. Why cant women act sensibly and have guts to say "GET LOST" outright?? What is it stopping us from doing so? If society is one of the reason, do hell with it. We formed it and its in our hands to challenge it.
Our roomies have decided to brain wash the girl to come out of such a relationship and live pleasantly. Going to motivate her to have guts and talk straight with her boyfriend. If you know any girls who are having such problems, help them and motivate them to be brave.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Death at your wish

There is a famous quote:
Imagine how important death must be to have LIFE as a prerequisite!!!
Death comes to people in many ways. Some how I felt like writing about it. Every one is scared about the thought of death. Our physical entity is gone and void is filled in our place in the lives of dear ones. Whether there is a void or not is totally dependent on the character of the person. The influence and impact a person can make in the lives of other people.

Why cant death be done at our wish, without depending on external forces and family dependencies?

Somehow I am not able to write more than this...
Will be continued later....