Monday, July 19, 2010

July month movies

Friends kept saying that VEDAM is a good movie. I couldnt believe them until I saw it. The thing is that I postponed watching it. Telugu movie world has lost it meaning these days and most of them made are commercial ones. In the end everyone wants to make money. But there are some directors and story tellers, for whom money is not a concern. They are message oriented and give audience a sense of satisfaction. When a person walks out of the theater after watching the movie, he is satisfied. One such movie is VEDAM.

Its based out of an individual we see in every day life. A poor handloom worker, a spoiled brat, a slum kid, a prostitute etc has their own story in this movie. All of them working hard for money. Who has the guts to show such things and still expect audience to watch it!!! I loved the movie and shed tears in the end.
Its one of the good telugu movie worth watching.

Got time to watch another serious telugu movie as well. Its PRASTHANAM. It was released long time back. But somehow I hate politics and faction. Killing own siblings for some bloody position, to satisfy ego, to be in power, to prove someone of their strength is horrible. The movie is all about it.
This movie can be seen once. If anyone has liked Rajneeti, Gulaal and other bihari political movies will love this.

PS:: Both the movies are little serious type. Worth watching for telugu audience.

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