Sunday, December 03, 2006

BLOG.......... :)

I am such a lazy creature!!!! Wanted to update blog for long time but couldnt do so and my frens are bored looking at the same stuff in my blog. Now wat!!!! Wat should I write........ Nothing is in my mind. Hmm... just now got a thought of writing about street children.
In my daily life I look at so many of them,near traffic signals,bus stops,shopping places,eat-outs etc. How can their parents allow them to do so??? Whys is that most of them leave their children to suffer on roads?? Dont they have conscience??? Dont they have feelings and love for them???How can they be sooooo cold-blooded??? Many questions spring into my mind when I see them??
Is there something that I can do for them? Yes. I can. I can talk to them and make them join an orphanage or something. But will they love to stay there?? If someone comes back for them and fights agaisnt me,can I withstand that?? Oh my god!!!! This is sick.
One day at 8pm near Hi-Tech city I was waiting for the bus to come. Its very cold outside.I was praying that I reach home early enough to eat and sleep. I was so involved in my thoughts, I could feel something on my hand. I looked at my hand and I was startled to find a small guy asking for money. I was about to shout for being frightened but I was staring at that small guy. He was wearing only nicker. He ran away before I could think of giving him some bucks. He was walking on the other side with his two hands in pockets. I was wondering what gives him so much confidence in life. Here in my life I die everyday once thinking what would go wrong and what would happen if I do something in this way. How am I living??? And see that little boy never worried about himself and happily asking for alms. And I also saw two of his frens, a gal and a boy playing together at that time. They would sleep in that bus-stop itself either with empty stomach or some bucks in their hands. I was not able to stand there with all those feelings in my heart. At that time a bus came and I was back home.
I was still thinking, did this world make them so?? or they made themselves like that?? Every place I was moving these days I could only find sorrow in the eyes of people. Generally many people doesnt observe why the near near Yousufguda and Yousuf basti and Krishna Nagar is soo crowded in the morning times. Poor labour class people are waiting on roads thinking that someone would come and ask them to do labour job. Someone would give them job so that they can feed their children for today and for the next couple of days. They would bargain for their daily wages even for Rs.5. Thats soo pity. I spend Rs.5 for a coffee or tea. They would still long for those few bucks. Do these people think of saving money for their children so that they grow up and live pleasant lives? No way!!! They cant afford to do so. They cant even think of getting a piece of land to stay comfortably.They are just thinking of having 2 meals per day. Enough in life!!!! Is that all we crave for???
Well I must be happy for having a job and earning 3 meals per day. I thank god for giving me this. And also pray for the better life of everyone including me :) Thinking in this way shouldnt be a barrier in growth.
Wat else to write..... so many thoughts springing in my mind....but I am not able to jott down all of them :)
Recently I have read many news about infants found in comparments of train and garbage. When they dont want to raise them, they shouldnt give birth or should kill them at that instant. They shouldnt be left to live a pathetic life on streets and slums.They have got no right to do so. Same question again...dont they have conscience??? God I wish these type of people should be given punishment!!! or they should be made to realise the worst things.

Anyways.... there are lot many things that can be discussed in this way.... Let me continue in my next blog....