Sunday, December 03, 2006

BLOG.......... :)

I am such a lazy creature!!!! Wanted to update blog for long time but couldnt do so and my frens are bored looking at the same stuff in my blog. Now wat!!!! Wat should I write........ Nothing is in my mind. Hmm... just now got a thought of writing about street children.
In my daily life I look at so many of them,near traffic signals,bus stops,shopping places,eat-outs etc. How can their parents allow them to do so??? Whys is that most of them leave their children to suffer on roads?? Dont they have conscience??? Dont they have feelings and love for them???How can they be sooooo cold-blooded??? Many questions spring into my mind when I see them??
Is there something that I can do for them? Yes. I can. I can talk to them and make them join an orphanage or something. But will they love to stay there?? If someone comes back for them and fights agaisnt me,can I withstand that?? Oh my god!!!! This is sick.
One day at 8pm near Hi-Tech city I was waiting for the bus to come. Its very cold outside.I was praying that I reach home early enough to eat and sleep. I was so involved in my thoughts, I could feel something on my hand. I looked at my hand and I was startled to find a small guy asking for money. I was about to shout for being frightened but I was staring at that small guy. He was wearing only nicker. He ran away before I could think of giving him some bucks. He was walking on the other side with his two hands in pockets. I was wondering what gives him so much confidence in life. Here in my life I die everyday once thinking what would go wrong and what would happen if I do something in this way. How am I living??? And see that little boy never worried about himself and happily asking for alms. And I also saw two of his frens, a gal and a boy playing together at that time. They would sleep in that bus-stop itself either with empty stomach or some bucks in their hands. I was not able to stand there with all those feelings in my heart. At that time a bus came and I was back home.
I was still thinking, did this world make them so?? or they made themselves like that?? Every place I was moving these days I could only find sorrow in the eyes of people. Generally many people doesnt observe why the near near Yousufguda and Yousuf basti and Krishna Nagar is soo crowded in the morning times. Poor labour class people are waiting on roads thinking that someone would come and ask them to do labour job. Someone would give them job so that they can feed their children for today and for the next couple of days. They would bargain for their daily wages even for Rs.5. Thats soo pity. I spend Rs.5 for a coffee or tea. They would still long for those few bucks. Do these people think of saving money for their children so that they grow up and live pleasant lives? No way!!! They cant afford to do so. They cant even think of getting a piece of land to stay comfortably.They are just thinking of having 2 meals per day. Enough in life!!!! Is that all we crave for???
Well I must be happy for having a job and earning 3 meals per day. I thank god for giving me this. And also pray for the better life of everyone including me :) Thinking in this way shouldnt be a barrier in growth.
Wat else to write..... so many thoughts springing in my mind....but I am not able to jott down all of them :)
Recently I have read many news about infants found in comparments of train and garbage. When they dont want to raise them, they shouldnt give birth or should kill them at that instant. They shouldnt be left to live a pathetic life on streets and slums.They have got no right to do so. Same question again...dont they have conscience??? God I wish these type of people should be given punishment!!! or they should be made to realise the worst things.

Anyways.... there are lot many things that can be discussed in this way.... Let me continue in my next blog....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Global Service day at motorola

It was bright Wednesday morning,a typical weekday when the day started with usual hustle of coming to the office and trying to complete the unending tasks...but there was something to look forward was Global Service Day in Motorola, a day when Motorolans globally got an opportunity to give back something to the community they lived in....thousands of employees across world volunteered to go for activities involving service to old-aged,disadvantaged and cleansing of environment....7 of us from Motorola,Hyderabad chose to take up this activity of creating profiles of 150 odd students by interacting with them and also conduct workshops on life skills like hygiene and communication skills.

All of us set to go to this school-cum-hostel called Ashirwad managed by CHORD and Super-Gas.It was small, well-maintained, colorful building set in the outskirts of the city where the urchins and children from suburbs around that place came to study and stay.The activity started with us interacting with 1st grade students.The kids geeted us with their heart" GOOD MORNINGS .What striked us the most was their innocence and the "happy" smiles they showered despite of the traumas they kid's dad passed away when he was an kid's family lost evrything during floods.What is the most-awaited day when one is 6 years old...yes,their birthday and it startled us most of the kids over there did not even know their birthdays.But,despite evrything there was a whole-hearted smile on their face...quite different from the plastic smile that we sport all the time.Then we made them sit in one place and asked them to do something to entertain the audience....they readily came up and were seen singing and dancing merrily to their own tunes...for a moment we just wondered "why cant we be happy like them??" Despite all the comforts in life we crib and crib all day about every silly thing on earth ..."what was stopping us from being happy?".Then we realised that it was the lack of understanding the simple principle of life - 'live for the moment' and taking happiness from those 'simple joys of life'

Then the day proceeded and we comleted the activity of making was evening time and hurray!!!it was play-time for kids and us...we played all those games which we used to play in our childhold...chanting with them...shouting with them...running behind them....we were so lost that we did not realise how the time flew.Like all good things have to come to an end...even the "most memorable" day of our lives had come to end.It was time to bid good-bye to those lovely kids who made our day.The gratitude in their eyes and their wishes touched our hearts.But there was really nothing substantial that we did for these kids.Heart-in heart we were thanking them for the "happiest day" that they gave us and the valuable lesson they taught us staying happy in the tougher times.

There were so many memories to cherish...ramyas anger...uma's playful chant...the photo taken with the twins kavitha and kalpana...and a huge treasure of memories.We all took a resolution to visit this place often and do something better for these lovely kids.Thanks to Motorola ,Ashirwad and the bubbly kids for giving us this opportunity.

This is Anupama's write up. I am putting it here for the feel..... Our whole gang includes........

At the end of the day...its worth looking at our bright faces delighted with the amount of happiness that our hearts were filled with. Nothing can be compared to the happiness we got there at the end of the day. How good it is too see kids whose faces were glowing and we could feel it( after all a kids heart is as pure as a mothers or Gods). Well I pray that we all get a chance to visit that lovely place and re-invent ourselves from the monotonous life at office.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend mazaa....

Friday evening....Minds are tired and hearts are elated bcoz there are 48hrs left for a person to do anything of his/her wish....Life became so pathetic that we are now counting on hours and minutes. I wish I get back my childhood where everyday was new for me...every moment I have rejoiced...Well thats the irony of life with every software engineer at present. As I was counting on hours to that were about to come....My team planned for a movie... "Bommarillu" the most hyped movie in Tollywood at present.
So all was set ready go by friday evening. Planned for a saturday afternoon show at Prasadzzz.....Had to ask my bro to drop me near theatre....that was the first time I came on his bike...Well his driving is not that pathetic as I imagined. He drives extremely good. I reached 15 mins before the movie time and I was shocked to know that people didnt arrive there....The one with tickets came 5 mins late....thought I would miss the first few things in the movie...
Forgot to mention about the reviews of this movie... When I asked my frens about this movie....They advised me that its a must watch movie with parents as we would enjoy watching with them....with the same thing in my mind I have entered the screen.
The movie is fine ok and good. Nothing more than that. I had lot of expectations on the movie I guess thats why this movie is just ok for me. Somethings in the movie are really stupid. I dont want to have my impression of movie here. Anyways its ok for it is. Its 5 pm by the time the movie ended. So thought of doing something better. Did I tell how many of us have gone to see the movie????
Its 10 of us :-) Sometimes I forget minute details. Happens...cant help though. Its already overloaded now ;-)
The next best thing to do was go to exhibition which is near parade grounds. So started off for exhibition. Forgot to tell...that there are many funny characters in our team. Just see their face you will start laughing....;-) I am not sure if anyone feels that I am one of them.... But I am not... I am writing can I be ;-)
Its just 5:45 that we reached there....and we were few among the first people to visit exhibition at that time. Walked around some stalls to find anything interesting...But nothing was thr as such...Started playing some funny games hitting all the glasses in just 3 balls....throwing rings on any item given....balloon shooting....etc. Just guess what prize our people would have got....... " A COMB " out of all the games being played. You just cant imagine what people were going to do with that....Its just their idea...Let me put that here....." Display COMB as the team property so that all team members can use it whenever they want "........ Very funny naa.... I wish my team members dont read this....else (...)
First thing to climb was giant-wheel......the most exciting one :-) Every one was interesed in climbing expect for one....Because she is afraid :-( ......... I could see a 3 yr old climbing it and no comments now.... The same 3 yr old was sitting right to me with her parents....She was tightly holding her dads sleeves....The moment it started she was very excited and I was like kinda tensed. It happens though... Then he stopped the wheel on top. God!!!! I couldnt think of anything better in my life at that point of time.
Then when it started rotating.... I was only seeing the small gals face and her expressions....The most amazing moment was when the wheel comes down the gal closed her eyes and caught her dads sleeves very tight...the next moment she would laugh like anything.... It was worth watching her as I forgot my fears inbetween....The sudden loss of weight was terrific if people have seen me before ;-)
The ride on giant wheel was amazing and most exciting...especially when I tried to watch the left out person on the ground :)....where she was standing to a pole trying not to watch the wheel as she would be frightened ;-)
Our next ride was COLUMBUS....I have real great experiences with columbus at college and now here....The most afraid person was sitting beside me and was holding her heart in the fist. bechaareeeee.........There were two kids sitting in front of us....they were looking at her and must have thought " Is this ride most frightening ?? or We are brave enough!! or Wats wrong with this aunty?? " Now NO COMMENTS HERE. I cant explain things here as I was just laughing like hell and holding my stomach. I wish I was sitting just opposite to her...But badluck :( At first I tried to make her calm and not to frighten but later I lost.
The driver guy atlast stopped it and I guess I am missing most of the stuff here...sorry frens cant help it.
Atlast had something to eat and went home...

World...didnt know a better title

When the cool breeze touched my cheeks
It made a shiver which went through the body
Making me realise of the world around
Which is trying to curb me into its dirty arms!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Wow...It looks sooo easy to pronounce and read. But people really do know how difficult its living it. I have got hell lot of experiences with it...good and bad, sweet and sour,tough and easy. Here I am not going to list out all of them..or rather most of them...please spare me with this. Well I was just trying to understand how well it could be if I had to peep into it and get make things that are more closer to my heart and then live with them. How could it be if I just read the others mind....Hmm I can say things for long....

Will edit it again... :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

A small poem...

"Whenever I close my eyes to stop staring at this bad world
I see you....only you and nothing else my love
The world with you is so much different and blissful
I knew my prince created this world only for me

Everything over there is soo perfect for me..
The nature in all its glory, the kind of chores,
The attitude of people and above all YOU...just so perfect
After all its a dream I know
But deep inside I believe soon its gonna be true."

Some blue moon day I wrote this....a bit modified later!!!
Could recollect it today!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No title plzzz...

I was thinking for a longtime like to what to write. I didnt get any topic or idea. Let me start off with something....Dont ask me wat it is about because I am thinking seriously wat that something can be!!!!!
My life.... at workplace its monotonous. Nothing is goddamn interesting!!!Daily come to office, check whether you got somework to do, continue with other work. I suppose I cant say that I should sit idle if there is no work. Here people have something called INNOVATION. Sounds very interesting... I had some ideas and thoughts which can be implemented. So seriously jotted them down and searched site for subsistence of similar ideas. I was appaled as someone has those ideas already!!! I got discouraged.But how can be so lagging behind when people are far ahead of you...Something wrong withe the previous sentence. Leave it........
Thats what was going on office... I mean to say is going...It will definitely change in a period of time as our manager is changing. Its very difficult to assimilate this issue... Well one day or the other it ought to happen...I mean I am talking about the change thats going to happen in my office... or in my professional life...etc etc.

My life... I mean personal life....God!!!! Cant describe it. I wish I am very good at putting things in the right way at the right time. Well...this life is also monotonous....But there are moments in office which can be relished...talking to my frens...chatting....I cant do these things at home...because I am busy watching TV...hehehe...bad joke right!!!!

One thing I dont understand in my life is...wat are my expectations??? wat the hell am i living for??? just to make a living by earning for eating or for mere existence....looks bit complicated when I think of it more...But its so....ok ok... I thought of writing more... But I am not able to put things...

Many a times I wonder wat for I am here....
How would it be be if I keep myself in other soul...
Am I satisfying my ego really!!! No not at all....
There's always a feedback I get when something is done...
Its lost the moment I get another...Why is it so???
How could I try to retain that???
I dont know the answer, let time answer or
rather my frens should help me in that!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Chilukur temple....

This temple is very famous in whole Andhra.... I really dont know if its famous in whole Andhra, but I am damn sure that it is very famous in Telangana and Hyderabad. I have heard alot about this temple...that there is no need for offerings and should see God directly and stuff.... I was really wondering why strike something havent happened for such kind of new rules in a temple. Now heard a new thing that government is trying to aquire it....I guess its run by some private pujari's...thats why its safe till now....
I wanna tell some interesting things I noticed there....
The most horrible thing is I planned to visit on weekend....And everyone can understand what a weekend is!!!!!Got a bus at Mehadipatnam and I was shocked to notice that almost all of them got down at one stop!!The journey was good...watching green grass and trees everyone. I didnt notice that speciality in Hyd till now. Thought that Hyd is short of greenary...ofcourse it is!!! But not to that extent what I thought....
After getting down there I could see beautiful Himayat Sagar lake and the tall buildings of Miyapur which reminds me of Hogwarts school in Harry potter :-)
Interesting right!!!! As soon as I got down, small children were deciding among themselves that this visitor would get cocunut and stuff at my place... I was shocked!!! Wat is this!!! Its me who should decide it right!!! Anyway I didnt comment anything as my sister said it common here. Later entered temple..... I could see people standing in queue. I thought its a small one and could end in 30 mins... But I was wrong.... The moment the queue in the outer entrance has ended...the other queue has started... I was really amazed by looking at all those zig-zagged lines and people chanting "Govindaaaaaa Goooovindaaa" and never complaining about things there...I was wondering how many more queues are there as such... My mom was literally shocked. My sister asusual she knows everything about this stuff.
Atlast I entered temple. I was perplexed again to see people going around the temple doing pradakshanas like small children playing ring-a-roses game!!!! Ofcourse the major difference is children stop in the middle and these people decided not to!!! :-)
I could see people having a pen and paper in their hand... literally running around the temple pushing people backwards as if they ought to win a race.....
Well I decided to make pradakshanas very slowly thinking abt God with concentration... I was successful for the first two rounds....I missed my mom and sister in that crowd. Then I became a part of the crowd.. :-) ... couldnt do anything more than that....
The management over the temple was very good.... they were pleading for the visitors to stop doing 108 pradakshanas and do it sometime later. I was happy that something good is going on in this country.... While doing pradakshanas I was thinking what could literally drive those people to come here and pray. Suppose I have a wish...Is it that I do really aim for that to prove the existence of God, the almighty!!!! Or is it that I firmly believe that God is there and he will do that for me!!!! I really didnt understand that thing.....
As far as I am concerned I really dont know which is true!!! Can justify myself only when my wish comes true. I have heard from a lot of people about this becoming true. I should ask this question once to those guys....
Well I came out of the temple and started back to home....It was really a pleasant journey...btw I forgot one more thing...While I was standing in queue with my mom and sis, my sister was giving instructions as to how should I see God... what to do and what not to do...Some guys who were standing infront of me were laughing at my ignorance and my doubts which I was asking my sister... for which she doesnt know the answers.
Thats it!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have never known what I wanted...
I have never understood what I had...

See your thoughts i am there.
Chase your thoughts i am there.
Widen your thoughts i am there.
Stupid its your conscience there... no other

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Birthday is the time of thanking God
For making your life beautiful...
Do you remember me on that day
Who made your day more beautiful...
This is jus a feeling when i miss my frens birthday this year.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


10 Jun 2006 : Got plenty of time in the weekend to do everything. I came to office on saturday for doing some work as well as timepass. Anu also came to office and we were trying to debug some issues. I sometimes feel I am at the right place of work. Realtime work is always good.
But again I feel its all boring sometimes.
I desperately wanted to watch Godavari movie. Went around Imax to get tickets but in vein. So decided to spend time at home with my mom. Later on sunday I decided that I will watch the movie at any cost. Hmm.. did it by getting the tickets in black. I feel sometimes doing wrong things is also good....
My feelings towards movie are such that I cant explain. The movie is sooo good!!!!!!!!! Really I feel the director Shekar Kammula has done immense work for that. The beauty of Godavari river is shown in a splendid way. I mean it ya!!! Now I feel only one thing is remaining in my life, going from Rajamundry to Bhadrachalam in a steamer enjoying each and every moment.
God!!! please gimme a chance.... jus once....

This week I decided to read something daily... atleast a novel. So started reading the novel....
"To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee" .
Gosh!!! Its so good... I am jus in the middle of it. The author's way of putting things and feelings and etc..... man its too good!!!
I can tell more abt the novel only when I complete it. So jus waiting for it!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Beautiful days of life.....

Fifteen years before there were days when people really got time to talk to their neighbours. Discuss abt their happenings, relatives, kids and most important gossip. But I cant imagine a situation now where people doesnt know who their neighbours are... and wats going arnd them.
In those days the saas-bahu serial type funda was not evolved and I remember people watching Ramayana and Mahabharata very interestingly. Today people dont even remember the correct story. I am jus expressing my views related to watever I saw. The case may be different with some people.
When I was a kid I used to eagerly wait for sunday telugu news paper. It does have a supplementary book, where telugu cross-word puzzle comes. I used to run to my cousins and uncles to find the exact telugu words. Now when I open it and try to match it , I dont remember most of the words in telugu. Its so bad. Sometimes I wonder how the future generation kids will be. Will they ever know the importance of mother tongue?? Why do parents insist on???
I dont know now. Atleast I cant question them now.
Well I will continue more abt those beautiful later....

06-06-06 Good day!!!

Today is my manager birthday. He is bit sceptical abt celebrating his birthday.
Hez got his own notions n stuff...
today canary base build is completed in jus 2 hrs!!!! I was bit shocked ;-)
and Anu's status manager things are going pretty ok....i mean PRETTY ok!!!!
So I can contradict newspapers saying that its a devils day :)

Birla mandir.... Amazing

June 3 2006 : Atlast i found some time to go out in the evening. I have decided to go to Birla mandir in the clouds of hyderabad. I jus started from home and it started raining. Reached there by 7 pm.
Gosh!!! I was amazed to see the beauty of birla mandir in those moon-light color lamps... drizzling rain....people in a hurry to rush into temple....
I jus heard people discussing that Birla mandir Balaji got more serenity than Tirupati Balaji. Really I was jus thinking for a moment how true it is today!!!
I was amazed to see the carvings on marble... the minute curves... i really salute the guys who have done that!!!
later i was standing in the long line in the rain.... some people who were in hurry and some people who really doesnt have sense were jus pushing people and moving forward.
While standing in the line I was looking at tank bund...Buddha statue....the flyovers....the vehicles....necklace road. Really had a good view of hyd city from that place. I was continuously telling my mom abt the surrounding places.
After standing for one hr in rain I have seen Balaji. I have noticed some interesting things in the temple.... like people are not allowed to bring coconut into the temple...not bringing flowers and stuff. Thats why I bet the temple is soo clean and tidy.
After darshan we ( my mom, my sis and me) started back.
Reached home around 9:30.
Had really good time at the temple... infact a diff one.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


those were the days.....

When i was in kindergarden, used to catch brothers hand while going to school.
When i was in first class, my teacher praised my handwriting is very good and i was on top of world
When i was in second class, my teacher scolded me for making noise in class and told me to stand on bench.
When i was in second class, my unit test exam question was " Can we see air?" for which one of my fren answered "Yes". Sweet right!!!!

When i was in third class, my teacher pinched my ear for helping my fren in doing homework. It pained alot...
When i was in third class, my dearest fren got transferred to Cuddapah and made a promise to meet in future. Senti right!!!!

Will continue later........

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I was born in a small village where life is beautiful....everywhere its filled with greenary...later moved to a town to complete my secondary education. My life took a turn when I got my 10th class results. Had been a frog in a well type before that. Later had to go to some hostel to study. Then got a good rank in eamcet( wat we call the engg entrance here at AP).
Got into NITW, completed graduation with flying colors(to my satisfaction i am writing up).
Now working... got addicted to software professional life!!!!
wat else...
life would take me wherever it would... hoping for the best!!!