Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend mazaa....

Friday evening....Minds are tired and hearts are elated bcoz there are 48hrs left for a person to do anything of his/her wish....Life became so pathetic that we are now counting on hours and minutes. I wish I get back my childhood where everyday was new for me...every moment I have rejoiced...Well thats the irony of life with every software engineer at present. As I was counting on hours to that were about to come....My team planned for a movie... "Bommarillu" the most hyped movie in Tollywood at present.
So all was set ready go by friday evening. Planned for a saturday afternoon show at Prasadzzz.....Had to ask my bro to drop me near theatre....that was the first time I came on his bike...Well his driving is not that pathetic as I imagined. He drives extremely good. I reached 15 mins before the movie time and I was shocked to know that people didnt arrive there....The one with tickets came 5 mins late....thought I would miss the first few things in the movie...
Forgot to mention about the reviews of this movie... When I asked my frens about this movie....They advised me that its a must watch movie with parents as we would enjoy watching with them....with the same thing in my mind I have entered the screen.
The movie is fine ok and good. Nothing more than that. I had lot of expectations on the movie I guess thats why this movie is just ok for me. Somethings in the movie are really stupid. I dont want to have my impression of movie here. Anyways its ok for it is. Its 5 pm by the time the movie ended. So thought of doing something better. Did I tell how many of us have gone to see the movie????
Its 10 of us :-) Sometimes I forget minute details. Happens...cant help though. Its already overloaded now ;-)
The next best thing to do was go to exhibition which is near parade grounds. So started off for exhibition. Forgot to tell...that there are many funny characters in our team. Just see their face you will start laughing....;-) I am not sure if anyone feels that I am one of them.... But I am not... I am writing can I be ;-)
Its just 5:45 that we reached there....and we were few among the first people to visit exhibition at that time. Walked around some stalls to find anything interesting...But nothing was thr as such...Started playing some funny games hitting all the glasses in just 3 balls....throwing rings on any item given....balloon shooting....etc. Just guess what prize our people would have got....... " A COMB " out of all the games being played. You just cant imagine what people were going to do with that....Its just their idea...Let me put that here....." Display COMB as the team property so that all team members can use it whenever they want "........ Very funny naa.... I wish my team members dont read this....else (...)
First thing to climb was giant-wheel......the most exciting one :-) Every one was interesed in climbing expect for one....Because she is afraid :-( ......... I could see a 3 yr old climbing it and no comments now.... The same 3 yr old was sitting right to me with her parents....She was tightly holding her dads sleeves....The moment it started she was very excited and I was like kinda tensed. It happens though... Then he stopped the wheel on top. God!!!! I couldnt think of anything better in my life at that point of time.
Then when it started rotating.... I was only seeing the small gals face and her expressions....The most amazing moment was when the wheel comes down the gal closed her eyes and caught her dads sleeves very tight...the next moment she would laugh like anything.... It was worth watching her as I forgot my fears inbetween....The sudden loss of weight was terrific if people have seen me before ;-)
The ride on giant wheel was amazing and most exciting...especially when I tried to watch the left out person on the ground :)....where she was standing to a pole trying not to watch the wheel as she would be frightened ;-)
Our next ride was COLUMBUS....I have real great experiences with columbus at college and now here....The most afraid person was sitting beside me and was holding her heart in the fist. bechaareeeee.........There were two kids sitting in front of us....they were looking at her and must have thought " Is this ride most frightening ?? or We are brave enough!! or Wats wrong with this aunty?? " Now NO COMMENTS HERE. I cant explain things here as I was just laughing like hell and holding my stomach. I wish I was sitting just opposite to her...But badluck :( At first I tried to make her calm and not to frighten but later I lost.
The driver guy atlast stopped it and I guess I am missing most of the stuff here...sorry frens cant help it.
Atlast had something to eat and went home...

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