Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Global Service day at motorola

It was bright Wednesday morning,a typical weekday when the day started with usual hustle of coming to the office and trying to complete the unending tasks...but there was something to look forward for...yes...it was Global Service Day in Motorola, a day when Motorolans globally got an opportunity to give back something to the community they lived in....thousands of employees across world volunteered to go for activities involving service to old-aged,disadvantaged and cleansing of environment....7 of us from Motorola,Hyderabad chose to take up this activity of creating profiles of 150 odd students by interacting with them and also conduct workshops on life skills like hygiene and communication skills.

All of us set to go to this school-cum-hostel called Ashirwad managed by CHORD and Super-Gas.It was small, well-maintained, colorful building set in the outskirts of the city where the urchins and children from suburbs around that place came to study and stay.The activity started with us interacting with 1st grade students.The kids geeted us with their heart" GOOD MORNINGS .What striked us the most was their innocence and the "happy" smiles they showered despite of the traumas they underwent...one kid's dad passed away when he was an infant...one kid's family lost evrything during floods.What is the most-awaited day when one is 6 years old...yes,their birthday and it startled us most of the kids over there did not even know their birthdays.But,despite evrything there was a whole-hearted smile on their face...quite different from the plastic smile that we sport all the time.Then we made them sit in one place and asked them to do something to entertain the audience....they readily came up and were seen singing and dancing merrily to their own tunes...for a moment we just wondered "why cant we be happy like them??" Despite all the comforts in life we crib and crib all day about every silly thing on earth ..."what was stopping us from being happy?".Then we realised that it was the lack of understanding the simple principle of life - 'live for the moment' and taking happiness from those 'simple joys of life'

Then the day proceeded and we comleted the activity of making profiles...it was evening time and hurray!!!it was play-time for kids and us...we played all those games which we used to play in our childhold...chanting with them...shouting with them...running behind them....we were so lost that we did not realise how the time flew.Like all good things have to come to an end...even the "most memorable" day of our lives had come to end.It was time to bid good-bye to those lovely kids who made our day.The gratitude in their eyes and their wishes touched our hearts.But there was really nothing substantial that we did for these kids.Heart-in heart we were thanking them for the "happiest day" that they gave us and the valuable lesson they taught us staying happy in the tougher times.

There were so many memories to cherish...ramyas anger...uma's playful chant...the photo taken with the twins kavitha and kalpana...and a huge treasure of memories.We all took a resolution to visit this place often and do something better for these lovely kids.Thanks to Motorola ,Ashirwad and the bubbly kids for giving us this opportunity.

This is Anupama's write up. I am putting it here for the feel..... Our whole gang includes........

At the end of the day...its worth looking at our bright faces delighted with the amount of happiness that our hearts were filled with. Nothing can be compared to the happiness we got there at the end of the day. How good it is too see kids whose faces were glowing and we could feel it( after all a kids heart is as pure as a mothers or Gods). Well I pray that we all get a chance to visit that lovely place and re-invent ourselves from the monotonous life at office.


gopalwithlove said...

looks like you are slowly trying to get into 'live this moment' style.. good to read this post... it would have been more colorful and narrating if photos are included too!!

good job... i think you people can do something 'substantial' as you pointed out... think!!!

Umasankar said...

That was a good gesture Anupama. Nice thought and keep the good work going.