Monday, July 27, 2009

Visit to Osmania University

25th july 2009 I have visited Osmania University with my dad. My dad is the best guide available to know more about Hyderabad.

He has spent all his teenage days in Hyderabad. He knows in and out of Hyderabad. He has studied in Nizam College. That is one of the prestigious colleges in good olden days. Many of the great leaders, industrialists and entrepreneurs you see now-a-days are from that college.

I guess now you are wondering that I have spent a whole lot of 3+ years in Hyderabad and hadn’t visited it yet. You are right. I didn’t get a chance to visit that part of the city. All I know well is Secunderabad station to Begumpet to Hi-tech city(well…that’s where my office is :P)

Coming to my outing…Osmania University is spread across 2000 acres (quite huge). My dad compared this university to MIT of Andhra Pradesh, very good comparison in my opinion. Not by the looks and area, but by the vast courses handled from science to commerce, law to physical education and above all the good standards of course. The main building is completely made out of Nizam architecture. The domes you find there, the huge stone structures are completely amazing. It’s built of a single stone and nothing less than a huge fort. You have great stone steps to step inside the building. The moment I was inside the building, I was like a big ant in a huge palace. The dome in the middle of the building with huge chandeliers is completely breath taking. This is the first time I was visiting there, so I felt but students who are studying there might not feel so( I donno why I said it!!!).

This building is designed by a person named Ali, who has also built a hilltop house and surrounding lake near my village. The building was called Dog Bungalow(I really don’t know why it’s called in that way). So the name Ali Sager came to my village. That’s a different story I will tell about it later. The best part of the design is its symmetry. Somehow all the great kings of good olden days thought of this concept called symmetry. There isn’t a minute thing that’s not present on the one half and present on the other half. The walls are so high and properly ventilated that 10 girls like me standing on head of another could make it to the roof (:P). That’s a stupid comparison but absolutely true.

One more interesting thing about the building is that, the moment you enter it, you feel like you are in an air conditioned hall. It’s completely pleasant and cool. Maybe the high walls and huge windows keep it cool all the time. The classrooms are fantastic with good olden brownish furniture. You can see pigeons all around the building.

My visit had been fantastic with my dad being around and also my cuty scooty, explaining me good things about the college. He even showed me the hostel(Goutami hostel) in which stayed. He also showed me center for foreign languages. I saw German Dept there even though the guard didn’t allow us at first. He asked me to learn one foreign language for which I said I’ll think about it(not sure when its gonna happen).

So that’s it. I will come up with an interesting topic sometime later…maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Being Tagged :)

I think I am quite lucky to have been tagged by Smita. Let me do the ABCs of it :)

Here I go:

A – Available/Single?
Aren't both same??

B – Best friend?
I have good frens couple of them who can do anything for me :P

C – Cake or Pie?

D – Drink of choice?

E – Essential item you use every day?
my scooty :)

F – Favorite colour?
purple... my scooty color

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?
what are those??

H – Hometown?
H for hyd :P

I – Indulgence?

J – January or February?

K – Kids & their names?
Bunty, bittu and potti :P ( you didnt say if they are mine or someone else kids)

L – Life is incomplete without?

M – Marriage date?
Yet to announce :)

N – Number of siblings?
1 bro & 1 sis ( both younger in case the doubt arises )

O – Oranges or Apples?
Apples... which remind me of someone :)

P – Phobias/Fears?
dreams... i have been having worst dreams these days...

Q – Quote for today?
keep smiling... always :)

R – Reason to smile?
can be anything in world!!!

S – Season?
winter... cuddled in my fav blanket and dont get up until mom shouts!!!

T – Tag 3 People?
I will... wait

U – Unknown fact about me?
Better silent than saying it!!

V – Vegetable you don't like?

W – Worst habit?
sluggish sometimes

X – X-rays you've had?
for my wisdom tooth which was troubling last month :P

Y – Your favorite food?
mom made pappu charu with lot of ghee and papad

Z – Zodiac sign?

Its over... finally!!!

Now there are some simple rules to it... let me finish them.


1. Link the person who tagged you.

2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.

3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.

4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.

5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.

6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

7. Have Fun!

Person who has tagged me :
Date I was tagged : 24 jul
The ones I tag are:
naveen v


OMG... its done :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I go, You go, Why ego!!!!

Ego means the self;the part of the mind that reacts to reality and has a sense of individuality. Well, thats the dictionary meaning of it.

Every individual has some amount of ego, one cannot deny it as god has gifted it to us. He/she exhibits it sometime or the other during every moment in life. A person who is calm and poised know how to control it, and are able to decide exactly when they need to exhibit it. Others reach to extreme levels of ego and become egoists, egocentric persons.They are somewhat dangerous to self,family,friends and society. They become a threat to themselves by showing negative attitude and using harsh words or being silent. Negotiating on any issues and arguing with them is the difficult part. One cannot arise on any conclusion with such people. They want their point to be understood and also want everyone to stand by them.

I have seen many situations in which ego comes in between friends. "You do it. Why should I do it?","You come to me for doubts, why should i come" are the most common words which ego speaks. The one letter word "I" is the culprit for all of our behaviour.The moment you start using "I" more often, you are calling for a self destruction. Pride enters your mind and heart at wrong times. I had conflicts with my good friends because of this. I have realized it later how wrong I was and apologized for it. People drift away from us when we let ego come in between. Sometimes we want things done in our way, exactly the way we have planned it. We cant let go of somethings. In such a process we also get anger and arrogance, few characteristics which are born from ego.

In a family, conflicts arise due to ego. Especially between father and son, wife and husband. One cannot let go of things which they like or want to do. Someone or the other opposes to them, which is not liked by the individual. Most of the time children learn a lot of things from parents, watching them while growing. The attitudes of parents,grandparents and neighbors have a lot of effect on children. Its upto us to teach them, make them understand about good things in life, better ways to live by setting ourselves as an example.

Every bad attribute that we term, arises from self. We are the creator and destroyer of it. Ultimately its us who can decide what is good and bad. To be at peace and live happily we should sacrifice our self. A small amount might be required for our growth, but definitely not to hurt others, crush them and grow past them. You be happy and make others happy. Thats how harmony is maintained and we achieve win-win situation.

PS: These are completely my words. I might be wrong also. One can always correct me. Suggestions are always welcome.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ultimate joke!!!

Last week I went to Bangalore from Hyderabad. I reached one hour early to the airport...thanks to the Volvo bus :(
I was literally getting bored in the airport and walked into Landmark.
I got a book called "first proof".... its a collection of essays from different authors.
At the same time I saw "Readers Digest". Thats my favorite monthly magazine.
There are some awesome jokes in that book. I really really want to share one such one.
I was smiling to myself for that joke sitting there, people actually were staring at me.
I felt little shy though :P

here it is:
My four year-old was at a funeral for the first time and I wanted to make sure he behaved at the cemetery. "What is the most important rule to remember?" I asked
He thought for a while, then answered,"Dont dig up for bodies?"

Another one:
At our base post office, my four year old could not take his eyes off the MOST WANTED posters. Finally, he asked, "Dad, why didnt they just capture those guys when they took their pictures?"


Monday, July 20, 2009


The above words in the title are the outcome of our actions.
They are also the result of present situation lived and feelings expressed. The feelings to be expressed and shown can be both positive and negative; positive being happy and elated, greeting others well; negative being angry,looking snobby and confused.

Its really upto us to control them. It is also important that we let out those feelings otherwise we are actually harming our physical body. Some of the major functions of our body are disrupted by being so, simple example being increase in blood pressure. We are not supposed to suppress our emotions.
What can we do in such situation?? Many of our friends and well wishers give us valuable suggestions like calm down, relax, count 1 to 10, go for shopping, sleep for sometime, laugh loudly etc etc. They work out for some people in a better way. But for some of them that does not work at all. You still want to throw things, show anger on your wife for your office ramblings. Sometimes I have thrown things in my house to let out my anger,frustration. Though it worked, I lost some of my valuable things and caused pain to my family.
Now comes the interesting part of my writing. What if someone is actually providing me things to throw and let out my anger??? How good it should be?? In USA, some freak actually thought about this and started a company. He is assisting people in letting their anger and frustration out. You are given a room and some crockery. Throw them on the floor, wall, wherever you want in the room. I could even burn the photo of people whom I dont like and feel relaxed. Of course you gotta pay that fellow some money. He is actually a success in this area. In this lifestyle, many of them suffer from psychological disorders which arise from simple facts like anger, depression, frustration. We lose control on our senses. I know couple of people who actually took anti-depressants to show others that they are normal and happy.

Ifever I go to USA, I intend to meet him and thank him for this service.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Today I saw a portrait of our former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi hanging on a wall near a dustbin.
I felt very bad for it. He looked so pleasant in that photograph.
He was killed for nothing.
I was hurt.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wear jacket :)

i really saw something interesting on the road today...

Its a man...
Its a man driving a two wheeler...
Its a man driving a two wheeler who is wearing a jacket...

So whats interesting abt it... let me ask something here...
how many ways can a jacket be worn by a man??
1. just wear it normally :P with out putting the zip
2. just wear it with zip completely covering upper part of body
3. just wear it without inserting hands... so that it just covers shoulders :P
4. incase u r having amnesia... wear it inside out in all the possible ways i have said in the above 3 points :)

And a special way... wear in the completely stupid way... like covering chest and open across ur spinal cord :P
and actually asking someone to zip it up till middle!!!

This is exactly how that man was wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought of all possible conditions that might have actually made him do so...

...Was it raining and he wanted to cover some important documents?? NO... it isnt raining.. and he wasn't even carrying a laptop to protect.
...Did he want to show off?? he looks like a middle aged guy.... married... why would he anywayz :P especially during morning hours on the way to office...
...Maybe its his wife gift and thought of holding it in that way :P

Monday, July 13, 2009


dkcjk eall keuj alkej aldd?
kdjei cjkdj iejk adlaie werijf awierjf... eui wueh wiiela weijfha wieurla owurhg :D
wierh aiwalwl wooe aldd wihg aoewig ancn...
iew i wwwe aiwin woojl wlkef alkej ncdni wieallf woeur...

did i really make sense to anyone??
well... find out... thats my situation at my office... when there is lot of parallel programming going on in mind... with heavy multi tasking...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Live life in pieces

Its been a while someone asked me to write few sentences about it.
I completely forgot about it.
Well, at first the topic sounded a little funny to me.
What does it mean???
There you go... I got some thoughts about it now.
Let me jot them down here...

Most of the time we set higher goals in life thriving to achieve them by hard/smart work everyday.
We sacrifice our smallest wishes in doing so.
WAIT...I think I am going a bit too fast.
Let me cut down it here by explaining what does the title mean.. it means enjoy the small small things in life... live fully the present moment... getting satisfaction and not worrying like whats gonna happen the next moment.... or split the bigger goal into small goals by having a lesser time frame and achieving them.
I guess now its clear what i am gonna say here. Right now I am hearing one of the most beautiful songs by A R Rahman from the movie "Amrutha" in his voice.
There is some soothing effect in his voice.... coming back...

Having small goals and making them realize is important... at the same time its important to live life... spending time with family... taking part in their happiness and adding to their happiness... that gives immense pleasure to ones heart.
One should have professional as well as personal development goals in life. extracurricular activities also should be planned for our doing some social service... being useful to the society...
Our emotions also play a major role in our life... anger,frustration, disappointment, grudge... the moment these emotions are with us... we are losing some precious moments which cannot be earned back at any COST. Time lost is lost. I read somewhere that our IQ levels goes down by having bad feelings. One of the good example for that is anger. Our brain overwrites our negative thoughts in the logical area by releasing some enzyme or juice. I dont know the name of it. Search google and get results for that!!! :D
Whenever I get angry on someone, I try to think of the memorable moments spent with them. My smile automatically returns on my face.

Take a break usually for every 3-4 months. Spend time with friends by having get-together. Make a list of all people whose birthdays, anniversaries are present in the coming months. Plan to wish them. There are some minute details in nature which makes us happy.
Like watching sunset one beautiful evening with someone loving around.
At the end of the day or week or month or year... if you turn around, look back and count on sad days, there should be very few days.

To live life in pieces.. you need to live longer.
Well if you want to live longer physical fitness is also required. Atleast do some walking or help out family on some household works :D

Life - all rights reserved to ME!!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Book reviews - interesting links

there is this man, Chandrahas Choudhury who writes reviews on all latest books.
He maintains a blog called "The Middle Stage" which is quite interesting.
One can read the reviews and go for the book in which one is interested.
Follow him at this link

Also I want to share few more links for avid telugu readers
1. this site writes about most of the movies and happenings around us. One can write their views about anything in this site. Explore it!!!

2. eemaata - Recently my fren shared this link with me. Its a kind of telugu patrika. There are lots of interesting stories and much more about telugu literature.
Anyone interested in literature can go for it. Have fun reading there!!!

One more way to know about book reviews and socio-economic things is reading newspaper. I find "The Hindu" newspaper best for it. Especially the sunday edition.

have a happy reading!!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Enter the ear - housefly

Yesterday night I was dreaming about a house fly.
house fly!!!! what the!!! I said it to myself at one point of time.
It so happened in my dream that a house fly has entered my ear.
Dont ask me why and all those questions!!!!
coz i dont remember :(
It was not able to come out and the sound it was making was equivalent to a jet plane.
I mean I could hear in that way.
The next moment I was up on my bed holding my ear and checking if its real or dream!!!!

Now these type of incidents happened with me many times. Sometimes I woke up suddenly with shock and pain. Maybe its time to read "Interpretation of Dreams by Freud" and find out what I am scared of!!!!

Well... the whole point is... why A House fly?? Why not Shah rukh khan or Clooney or Wentworth miller???
Then I remembered that there is this one housefly near my cubicle who disturbs me while coding and reading.
It always roams between three cubicles of Veena,me and Maliha. I got really angry and threw a book at it. Thats the reason it must have got angry and got into my dreams.
FLY in my dreams!!! what a phrase...
hmm... thats the end of it. Tmrw i will get that book and find out whats wrong with my thoughts and dreams!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Are Indian CEOs smarter than American CEOs??

Are Indian CEOs smarter than American CEOs??
This is one interesting topic which I found in The Economic Times newspaper.
The link is

I was discussing about the same thing to one of my colleague. Apart from the factors mentioned in the article, she was referring to something called the "humane factor".
I guess Indians have swallowed an extra ounce of humanity during birth.
They don't mercilessly remove people even if their companies are running in losses.
Examples of such companies are TCS,Sasken and Wipro who are still thriving to keep jobs of their employees even though they are in losses. Where as the same thing is not by the Americans or any other. If you are to go... you have to go... thats it!!!

Hmm... so thats the thing. But coming to values and integrity, Americans are the best. Their policies are well defined and go by them. One such company was my previous employer.
Anywayz I just wanted to say that.

The other day my brother was saying that there are Indians everywhere. You go to any part of the world you will find couple of indian families staying there. I guess Indians are making their mark. But to prove themselves as a better country and better citizens they have to forgo some qualities like red-tapism. I will cover about this sometime later as a separate post.

I guess rain god has listened to my little prayer. Its drizzling in hyderabad.
Thank you god!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

old is gold

Old is gold!!! yes a very old adage.
today i thought about it somehow. How were the old indian ads??
were they so flamboyant as they are now?
I dont think so... they were pretty much suiting for that time period.
Time period?? ohh... i am talking about the time period from 1987-1999.

I searched internet and got some memorable pictures.
Hope you all can relate it to it.

Yes. This is our BATA. When I was in second class, I was having those sandals in the picture. They were brown in color. I still remember them :(

BOROLINE was the only good cream available for chapped lips.
My dad used to get one tube in winter for sure. This tube is available even now.
Now there are many versions of it like boro plus etc. Many cold creams are available in market now-a-days. Its difficult to chose though :P

These were the color pencils I used when I was young. I used to keep them very safe and made sure not to waste them at all. Camel box was so famous at that time. My dad got me one only when I was in 8th class when geometry was there in my maths syllabus :)

NATARAJ pencil... the most common name in the mouth of very student. I still remember the advertisement of this. The ball goes out of the stadium when he hits with his bat :D

Goldspot... the best drink available at the time.