Saturday, July 25, 2009

I go, You go, Why ego!!!!

Ego means the self;the part of the mind that reacts to reality and has a sense of individuality. Well, thats the dictionary meaning of it.

Every individual has some amount of ego, one cannot deny it as god has gifted it to us. He/she exhibits it sometime or the other during every moment in life. A person who is calm and poised know how to control it, and are able to decide exactly when they need to exhibit it. Others reach to extreme levels of ego and become egoists, egocentric persons.They are somewhat dangerous to self,family,friends and society. They become a threat to themselves by showing negative attitude and using harsh words or being silent. Negotiating on any issues and arguing with them is the difficult part. One cannot arise on any conclusion with such people. They want their point to be understood and also want everyone to stand by them.

I have seen many situations in which ego comes in between friends. "You do it. Why should I do it?","You come to me for doubts, why should i come" are the most common words which ego speaks. The one letter word "I" is the culprit for all of our behaviour.The moment you start using "I" more often, you are calling for a self destruction. Pride enters your mind and heart at wrong times. I had conflicts with my good friends because of this. I have realized it later how wrong I was and apologized for it. People drift away from us when we let ego come in between. Sometimes we want things done in our way, exactly the way we have planned it. We cant let go of somethings. In such a process we also get anger and arrogance, few characteristics which are born from ego.

In a family, conflicts arise due to ego. Especially between father and son, wife and husband. One cannot let go of things which they like or want to do. Someone or the other opposes to them, which is not liked by the individual. Most of the time children learn a lot of things from parents, watching them while growing. The attitudes of parents,grandparents and neighbors have a lot of effect on children. Its upto us to teach them, make them understand about good things in life, better ways to live by setting ourselves as an example.

Every bad attribute that we term, arises from self. We are the creator and destroyer of it. Ultimately its us who can decide what is good and bad. To be at peace and live happily we should sacrifice our self. A small amount might be required for our growth, but definitely not to hurt others, crush them and grow past them. You be happy and make others happy. Thats how harmony is maintained and we achieve win-win situation.

PS: These are completely my words. I might be wrong also. One can always correct me. Suggestions are always welcome.

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Satheesh said...

First of all, i'd like to appreciate the way u put relevant pics for the posts. nice job deeps!! i go , you go , why ego :)

A nice one to bring up, which actually makes ppl to think abt this at least fr sometime /remember abt the differences/fights we had/have due to this ego :)