Monday, July 27, 2009

Visit to Osmania University

25th july 2009 I have visited Osmania University with my dad. My dad is the best guide available to know more about Hyderabad.

He has spent all his teenage days in Hyderabad. He knows in and out of Hyderabad. He has studied in Nizam College. That is one of the prestigious colleges in good olden days. Many of the great leaders, industrialists and entrepreneurs you see now-a-days are from that college.

I guess now you are wondering that I have spent a whole lot of 3+ years in Hyderabad and hadn’t visited it yet. You are right. I didn’t get a chance to visit that part of the city. All I know well is Secunderabad station to Begumpet to Hi-tech city(well…that’s where my office is :P)

Coming to my outing…Osmania University is spread across 2000 acres (quite huge). My dad compared this university to MIT of Andhra Pradesh, very good comparison in my opinion. Not by the looks and area, but by the vast courses handled from science to commerce, law to physical education and above all the good standards of course. The main building is completely made out of Nizam architecture. The domes you find there, the huge stone structures are completely amazing. It’s built of a single stone and nothing less than a huge fort. You have great stone steps to step inside the building. The moment I was inside the building, I was like a big ant in a huge palace. The dome in the middle of the building with huge chandeliers is completely breath taking. This is the first time I was visiting there, so I felt but students who are studying there might not feel so( I donno why I said it!!!).

This building is designed by a person named Ali, who has also built a hilltop house and surrounding lake near my village. The building was called Dog Bungalow(I really don’t know why it’s called in that way). So the name Ali Sager came to my village. That’s a different story I will tell about it later. The best part of the design is its symmetry. Somehow all the great kings of good olden days thought of this concept called symmetry. There isn’t a minute thing that’s not present on the one half and present on the other half. The walls are so high and properly ventilated that 10 girls like me standing on head of another could make it to the roof (:P). That’s a stupid comparison but absolutely true.

One more interesting thing about the building is that, the moment you enter it, you feel like you are in an air conditioned hall. It’s completely pleasant and cool. Maybe the high walls and huge windows keep it cool all the time. The classrooms are fantastic with good olden brownish furniture. You can see pigeons all around the building.

My visit had been fantastic with my dad being around and also my cuty scooty, explaining me good things about the college. He even showed me the hostel(Goutami hostel) in which stayed. He also showed me center for foreign languages. I saw German Dept there even though the guard didn’t allow us at first. He asked me to learn one foreign language for which I said I’ll think about it(not sure when its gonna happen).

So that’s it. I will come up with an interesting topic sometime later…maybe tomorrow.


Satheesh said...

Nice way you have described about the university :)

Do you mean tat wall is 40 Feet high(your height * 10 ):)

sweelie said...

just because you are a 6 footer doesnt mean that you say like that to a 5+ footer girl!!!

Smita said...

The building has such a royal look!!!

sweelie said...

yeah... true... if u come to hyd sometime... visit this place as well :)