Thursday, July 02, 2009

Are Indian CEOs smarter than American CEOs??

Are Indian CEOs smarter than American CEOs??
This is one interesting topic which I found in The Economic Times newspaper.
The link is

I was discussing about the same thing to one of my colleague. Apart from the factors mentioned in the article, she was referring to something called the "humane factor".
I guess Indians have swallowed an extra ounce of humanity during birth.
They don't mercilessly remove people even if their companies are running in losses.
Examples of such companies are TCS,Sasken and Wipro who are still thriving to keep jobs of their employees even though they are in losses. Where as the same thing is not by the Americans or any other. If you are to go... you have to go... thats it!!!

Hmm... so thats the thing. But coming to values and integrity, Americans are the best. Their policies are well defined and go by them. One such company was my previous employer.
Anywayz I just wanted to say that.

The other day my brother was saying that there are Indians everywhere. You go to any part of the world you will find couple of indian families staying there. I guess Indians are making their mark. But to prove themselves as a better country and better citizens they have to forgo some qualities like red-tapism. I will cover about this sometime later as a separate post.

I guess rain god has listened to my little prayer. Its drizzling in hyderabad.
Thank you god!!


Satheesh said...

Dont ever think that indian ceos are much diff from US folks in humane :).. india is considered as the least cost center in IT for US business.. so here they need to hold the ppl as much as they can, as economy can take U turn anytime. And also it is affordable to hold a person by paying 5-10 $ per hour(in india), whereas in US min wages are 50 $ per hour. All these indian companies(CEOs) already set up their branches in China as it is going to be cheaper than india in some time.. As soon as they get resource pool in china, they wont bother migrating work frm here to china. Anyways i agree we have more brilliant CEOs here..

its nice god listened to ur prayers :)

vimmuuu said...

Thats an interesting topic. Even I have felt the same about the differences between indian CEO with that of american. the latter is ruthless while the former is driven by emotional quotient deep down. and yes, in terms of brain too, we are more superior than those loonies.

Nice place you have got here. and Im blogrolling you. Btw, these are the very few instances, where I comment decently. Its ok, you will know in the long run! :D :D :D :D

sweelie said...

@satheesh : thats always there incase of business. one looks for profitability more.

@vimmuuu : right. Lets see abt ur comments :)