Saturday, July 04, 2009

Enter the ear - housefly

Yesterday night I was dreaming about a house fly.
house fly!!!! what the!!! I said it to myself at one point of time.
It so happened in my dream that a house fly has entered my ear.
Dont ask me why and all those questions!!!!
coz i dont remember :(
It was not able to come out and the sound it was making was equivalent to a jet plane.
I mean I could hear in that way.
The next moment I was up on my bed holding my ear and checking if its real or dream!!!!

Now these type of incidents happened with me many times. Sometimes I woke up suddenly with shock and pain. Maybe its time to read "Interpretation of Dreams by Freud" and find out what I am scared of!!!!

Well... the whole point is... why A House fly?? Why not Shah rukh khan or Clooney or Wentworth miller???
Then I remembered that there is this one housefly near my cubicle who disturbs me while coding and reading.
It always roams between three cubicles of Veena,me and Maliha. I got really angry and threw a book at it. Thats the reason it must have got angry and got into my dreams.
FLY in my dreams!!! what a phrase...
hmm... thats the end of it. Tmrw i will get that book and find out whats wrong with my thoughts and dreams!!!


Satheesh said...
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Temptations said...

I perticularly like the pictures u usually select for your blogs. They are really appropriate to the subject and also appeal to the readers!!