Wednesday, July 01, 2009

old is gold

Old is gold!!! yes a very old adage.
today i thought about it somehow. How were the old indian ads??
were they so flamboyant as they are now?
I dont think so... they were pretty much suiting for that time period.
Time period?? ohh... i am talking about the time period from 1987-1999.

I searched internet and got some memorable pictures.
Hope you all can relate it to it.

Yes. This is our BATA. When I was in second class, I was having those sandals in the picture. They were brown in color. I still remember them :(

BOROLINE was the only good cream available for chapped lips.
My dad used to get one tube in winter for sure. This tube is available even now.
Now there are many versions of it like boro plus etc. Many cold creams are available in market now-a-days. Its difficult to chose though :P

These were the color pencils I used when I was young. I used to keep them very safe and made sure not to waste them at all. Camel box was so famous at that time. My dad got me one only when I was in 8th class when geometry was there in my maths syllabus :)

NATARAJ pencil... the most common name in the mouth of very student. I still remember the advertisement of this. The ball goes out of the stadium when he hits with his bat :D

Goldspot... the best drink available at the time.

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Venkata Gopala Rao said...

i remember that Bata and Nataraj ads!
One of my childhood favorites are: Vilan and Vydyanadh Surakta! there, the ambience shown were really cool and realistic! which is missing in present day ads, of course!