Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A small get-to

Last week I went to Saritha's(my ex-lead) house along with two other friends Rekha and Lakshmi.
I had lot of fun there with kids around me who were almost hyper-active.

I am gonna add here some of the shots of those kids.

This is sahiti... and its how she cries. You never wanna be near her when she cries.
Maybe when she was born she swallowed a loud speaker or something. And she is big chatter-box.

This is Gayathri. The most inquisitive girl I have ever seen. She is interested in learning everything and she talks very sweet. She is pretty smart which is quite obv as she is leads daughter :P

This is my lead with her kids. She is a very good lady and almost looks like a neighbor aunty and not a lead :P
Observe the picture carefully... one can find multiplication tables and telugu aksharala chart.
Everytime I go to her house, I see that pic and feel happy for knowing such a beautiful language like telugu :D

Last but not the least...this is ME who had the most gala time in their house.
I cherish all those wonderful moments.

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