Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The post title sounds very stupid... but when i was about to sleep yesterday i got this funny idea... let me write about it...

I am on vacation and went to some place out of blue. And I am very hungry.
The next moment I see a message in my mobile showing the nearest pizza huts, McD and restaurants. The expression on my face changes like

And now the chain of thoughts starts... what if i am going to office and listening to songs in my car with either my phone/iPod attached to my player. The next thing I realize is that my favorite song is missing in the playlist.
Damn it!!!
Yes folks!! you got it right... the next thing I see on my mobile is my favorite song downloaded and sent to me asking me to play it!!!!!!!!
The same expression on my face again....

Hows it done?????????!!!!!!!!!????
With the recent nano technology and the next generation micro nano, super nano, super duper nano and nano nano technologies coming up its not that complicated i guess..
Recently I saw an article in interet where one can capture the frequency of thoughts and the type of thoughts that arise from a human brain. How interesting!!!!!!!
So what you have to do is wear a cap on your head which is made up of hundreds of sensors and converts ur thoughts and sends it to your mobile.
The mobile application does the request given and surprises the user.

Ofcourse the requests should be valid and should not bombard the application with a number of useless thoughts and make it go crazy!!!

Maybe right now I have gone crazy. I stopped my work and wrote this article. One can appreciate my typing skills here becoz I wrote it damn fast... it should be around 50wpm :D
Getting back to work... Learn JAVA, write JAVA code....Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: All the thoughts written here are purely mine. Definitely u dont get to blame anyone for my thoughts :D

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