Monday, July 20, 2009


The above words in the title are the outcome of our actions.
They are also the result of present situation lived and feelings expressed. The feelings to be expressed and shown can be both positive and negative; positive being happy and elated, greeting others well; negative being angry,looking snobby and confused.

Its really upto us to control them. It is also important that we let out those feelings otherwise we are actually harming our physical body. Some of the major functions of our body are disrupted by being so, simple example being increase in blood pressure. We are not supposed to suppress our emotions.
What can we do in such situation?? Many of our friends and well wishers give us valuable suggestions like calm down, relax, count 1 to 10, go for shopping, sleep for sometime, laugh loudly etc etc. They work out for some people in a better way. But for some of them that does not work at all. You still want to throw things, show anger on your wife for your office ramblings. Sometimes I have thrown things in my house to let out my anger,frustration. Though it worked, I lost some of my valuable things and caused pain to my family.
Now comes the interesting part of my writing. What if someone is actually providing me things to throw and let out my anger??? How good it should be?? In USA, some freak actually thought about this and started a company. He is assisting people in letting their anger and frustration out. You are given a room and some crockery. Throw them on the floor, wall, wherever you want in the room. I could even burn the photo of people whom I dont like and feel relaxed. Of course you gotta pay that fellow some money. He is actually a success in this area. In this lifestyle, many of them suffer from psychological disorders which arise from simple facts like anger, depression, frustration. We lose control on our senses. I know couple of people who actually took anti-depressants to show others that they are normal and happy.

Ifever I go to USA, I intend to meet him and thank him for this service.


Gurava Reddy said...

we will get anger.. but the most important thing is not to control.. but not to get anger at all.. thats where we have to work towards.

we need to learn few important things which makes sure that we are not getting anger or becoming emotional at wrong place
2.Accepting things
3.being silent when things are otherway .. when you are too angry or too sad.. because what ever you do at those situations makes things more worse
4.not blaming others for our actions..
few of them which i feel worth stating..

Deepa, now on ... dont throw anything. Just be silent .. otherwise talk to me :)

Satheesh said...

I saw this stuff of breaking the things sometime back in news. It looked nice . bt do u know hw much cost it is, though it helps ppl to come out of frustration. i don't know really we indians will be ready to spend(waste - most of us call it) money in these kind of activities. Even then if you are doing, people(this society??) might mark you as someone(mad or ghost in u??) :)

sweelie said...

Guru... now I dont do such things. It was when I was ignorant of myself :)
I will keep in mind your points.

Satheesh... i know that indians cant afford that and think of it as crazier. but they dont think twice in doing that to human beings...especially family members.

Satheesh said...

@deeps - if we really hurt our family members/dearer ones for our anger, we ourselves ll be frustrated more for doing tat.. i try keeping my mouth shut on such occasions these days.. but wasn't 100% successful . hope will be achieving it sooner :), we can try to follow this - whenever u r frustrated , just stay silent and/or talk to ppl who really can listen and understand ur problem/reason for anger.

vimmuuu said...

LOL, are you serious about that organisation??? My anger is just for 5 mins and I would love to kill someone in that 5 mins. But by the time I ride to that place, my anger would have gone down,na? So whats the point ??? LOL.

When i get really really angry and frustrated, I listen to songs. That cools me down immediately.

sweelie said...

vimmuuu... seriously!! that organisation exists.
Maybe those guys had anger accumulated :P who went to that fellow...
not like us :)