Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ultimate joke!!!

Last week I went to Bangalore from Hyderabad. I reached one hour early to the airport...thanks to the Volvo bus :(
I was literally getting bored in the airport and walked into Landmark.
I got a book called "first proof".... its a collection of essays from different authors.
At the same time I saw "Readers Digest". Thats my favorite monthly magazine.
There are some awesome jokes in that book. I really really want to share one such one.
I was smiling to myself for that joke sitting there, people actually were staring at me.
I felt little shy though :P

here it is:
My four year-old was at a funeral for the first time and I wanted to make sure he behaved at the cemetery. "What is the most important rule to remember?" I asked
He thought for a while, then answered,"Dont dig up for bodies?"

Another one:
At our base post office, my four year old could not take his eyes off the MOST WANTED posters. Finally, he asked, "Dad, why didnt they just capture those guys when they took their pictures?"



Narendra Naramala said...

lol..RD is simply awesome...
here's the link whr u can find all of them...

vimmuuu said...

The second ones the best !!!

Smita said...

lol @ the 2nd one!!!

1st Cut is a promising book...I have it but am yet to read it :(

sweelie said...

@naren... yeah. its awesome

@vimmuuu... get awesome doubts

@smita... let me get that book

Escapist said...

yappy !
Hillarious one....second one has more effect....


Smita said...

Hey something waits for you here