Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Live life in pieces

Its been a while someone asked me to write few sentences about it.
I completely forgot about it.
Well, at first the topic sounded a little funny to me.
What does it mean???
There you go... I got some thoughts about it now.
Let me jot them down here...

Most of the time we set higher goals in life thriving to achieve them by hard/smart work everyday.
We sacrifice our smallest wishes in doing so.
WAIT...I think I am going a bit too fast.
Let me cut down it here by explaining what does the title mean.. it means enjoy the small small things in life... live fully the present moment... getting satisfaction and not worrying like whats gonna happen the next moment.... or split the bigger goal into small goals by having a lesser time frame and achieving them.
I guess now its clear what i am gonna say here. Right now I am hearing one of the most beautiful songs by A R Rahman from the movie "Amrutha" in his voice.
There is some soothing effect in his voice.... coming back...

Having small goals and making them realize is important... at the same time its important to live life... spending time with family... taking part in their happiness and adding to their happiness... that gives immense pleasure to ones heart.
One should have professional as well as personal development goals in life. extracurricular activities also should be planned for our life....like doing some social service... being useful to the society...
Our emotions also play a major role in our life... anger,frustration, disappointment, grudge... the moment these emotions are with us... we are losing some precious moments which cannot be earned back at any COST. Time lost is lost. I read somewhere that our IQ levels goes down by having bad feelings. One of the good example for that is anger. Our brain overwrites our negative thoughts in the logical area by releasing some enzyme or juice. I dont know the name of it. Search google and get results for that!!! :D
Whenever I get angry on someone, I try to think of the memorable moments spent with them. My smile automatically returns on my face.

Take a break usually for every 3-4 months. Spend time with friends by having get-together. Make a list of all people whose birthdays, anniversaries are present in the coming months. Plan to wish them. There are some minute details in nature which makes us happy.
Like watching sunset one beautiful evening with someone loving around.
At the end of the day or week or month or year... if you turn around, look back and count on sad days, there should be very few days.

To live life in pieces.. you need to live longer.
Well if you want to live longer physical fitness is also required. Atleast do some walking or help out family on some household works :D

Life - all rights reserved to ME!!!!


vimmuuu said...

Woah ! Thats some good pieceof advise. Unfortunately, the only thing I did from this was a vacation. and yes, it rejuvanated me completely.

sweelie said...

Thanks. Maybe you can implement in future if you remember :P

Smita said...

Nice post and very sensible too :)

Kassh I cud take a break in every 3-4 months but yes I do take an impromptu chutti for a day when I feel as if am totally drained.