Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Birla mandir.... Amazing

June 3 2006 : Atlast i found some time to go out in the evening. I have decided to go to Birla mandir in the clouds of hyderabad. I jus started from home and it started raining. Reached there by 7 pm.
Gosh!!! I was amazed to see the beauty of birla mandir in those moon-light color lamps... drizzling rain....people in a hurry to rush into temple....
I jus heard people discussing that Birla mandir Balaji got more serenity than Tirupati Balaji. Really I was jus thinking for a moment how true it is today!!!
I was amazed to see the carvings on marble... the minute curves... i really salute the guys who have done that!!!
later i was standing in the long line in the rain.... some people who were in hurry and some people who really doesnt have sense were jus pushing people and moving forward.
While standing in the line I was looking at tank bund...Buddha statue....the flyovers....the vehicles....necklace road. Really had a good view of hyd city from that place. I was continuously telling my mom abt the surrounding places.
After standing for one hr in rain I have seen Balaji. I have noticed some interesting things in the temple.... like people are not allowed to bring coconut into the temple...not bringing flowers and stuff. Thats why I bet the temple is soo clean and tidy.
After darshan we ( my mom, my sis and me) started back.
Reached home around 9:30.
Had really good time at the temple... infact a diff one.

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gopalwithlove said...

nice yar.. i remember the day when i visited birla mandir.. incidentally, it was raining that day also.. so, had a beautiful day??