Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I m loving...

New blog template!!!! The rain drops in the background like on a window pane and the cozy color is what I am loving.
Hyderabad!!! What else we love other than being at home and eating mom made yummy dishes and watching TV.
Thats it for now!!!


Vrij said...

Great template.. I've been visiting ur blog quite regularly ever since the Indiblogger meet, but did not get the time to comment. Will keep visiting. Cheers!

ramana murthy said...

Hi !
Oh......what a template it is ? Timely ...........Too !Only text is moving . Very nice . I want some tips about this template.
you see .........not only me another fallower was added to your blog after ' indi-blogger's ' meet !

Great going ......keep it up !

sweeliee said...

@Vrij: thats great :) I remember meeting you at indiblogger meet.
Thank you for visiting.

@ramana: Thank you. Visit the new template designer in dashboard of blog. You will get to know more about templates.