Monday, July 12, 2010

Have guts to say straight??

Many girls stay away from home these days living in a hostel. Its because some of them want to be either independent or their working conditions make them do so. There is a notion that many of the girls who live in hostel have boyfriends and come home at weird timings.
For the past few days I have been observing few girls in my hostel. For some of them, having a boy in their life is a prestige issue. For others its a mere timepass. For some others its a life related issue. Based on these criteria things change in the girls life.
Here we are considering the case of a girl(in my hostel) who is serious about the relationship with the guy. Now the life of a girl totally depends on the character of the guy if the girl is studious and calm. At times the couple may seem to be perfect like in mills&boons stories. The attitude of the guy is seen when he is either drunk or possessive about the girl or in some fight. If the guy is acting frenzy and driving the girl mad, its better to end the relation. I saw our girl shivering and crying loads in these situations. Why should she cope with such a boyfriend when she can be happy being single?

Isn't this some kind of abuse? He is always screaming and shouting at her. She's awake mostly during the night attending phone calls and trying to convince the fellow of correct reasons. There is no need for her to tolerate such a violent person. The main reason why physical/verbal abuse is so common in our country is because of our tolerant levels. We have the greatest ability to forgive man and still live with that beast. Why cant women act sensibly and have guts to say "GET LOST" outright?? What is it stopping us from doing so? If society is one of the reason, do hell with it. We formed it and its in our hands to challenge it.
Our roomies have decided to brain wash the girl to come out of such a relationship and live pleasantly. Going to motivate her to have guts and talk straight with her boyfriend. If you know any girls who are having such problems, help them and motivate them to be brave.

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satya_eee1 said...

Its not that easy to brainwash or brainstorm ... I don't even think that it is being called love... It's just the realisation that should come from within...