Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lessons learnt

Currently I am working for a start up company.
A start up company gives lot of exposure to technology and values of life.

There are so many learnings involved while working with a small group. These become part and parcel of our life. I have realized that they are very important and adds much to your character and gives strength in future for any activity.

I wouldnt say I am perfect in all the aspects. I have got my own short comings and still have to improve on them. I would like to share my learnings here...

1. Being part of small group is like living in a family under the guidance and protection of managers.
2. Communication between peers and managers is vital. Otherwise things will be screwed up very badly...(personal experience baap!!!)
3. Never assume anything for yourself and never take anything for granted. Question every answer you got and question any question you have... thats the thumb rule.
4. You learn responsibility here... not that we dont know about it... but in a different fashion. Taking ownership and being the sole identity of a single module... you will be the king and queen for that kingdom kind :P
5. Never get personal things into official work. It screws your image infront of others and relationships with frens would be spoiled.
6. Lot of scope for personal and professional development. New technologies and learnings will be added to our bucket everyday. Its upto us how we use them.
7. Definitely one will learn how to work on the timelines and faster completion of work. Also will know how to complete day-to-day activities.
8.Never allow your ego to come in between in work. Listen to others and then proceed to work. 

On a lighter note.... those were all my learnings and they are gonna still increase in the future. I think most of them will be followed in every company as such. But still our company is unique.
We work... and We celebrate and We are trying to make a difference.

PS: writing this post made me feel good.


vimmuuu said...

I second every point up above. I dont work for a start up, yet our company is very young. Letting you blog peacefull shouldbe point no.9 :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Wise words!! I agree though I am not working in any company but even I can see these kind of sensible points are a great way to keep reminding oneself ...

Swaram said...

Nice points there and gud that u put them up in one post :) Serves as a ready reckoner :P

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

MightyMagic said...

Good one!!!